Have you already blown your New Year's Resolution and are so over this starting over issue? 


Maybe you have a good idea of what to do, but you just aren't doing it. Or you've found yourself doing well for a few days or even weeks and then BAM! Those 10 pounds are back with a vengeance?

You're just so over not feeling the way you want to feel and deep down you know that SUGAR has a role in why you are staying stuck and you know you have to do something about this FOR GOOD?!


Ringing any bells?


Maybe every time you fall back into the sugar rut you’re NOT SURE:

  • Why you got triggered again (and woke up with that same horrible feeling of bloating & regret)
  • What EXACTLY you should be eating every day so you can break this cycle and feel good
  • How to make easy, fast meals that taste good that are low in sugar


The "I know better" part of you is certain that your healthy body is possible NOW, and not sometime in the distant future, but you're tired of wrestling with fear and doubt about whether or not you can do it.

You KNOW you are supposed to feel good in your body, healthy and vibrant but you can’t seem to find the perfect plan that helps you break through all the conflicting information and actually implement something that works!

WHY does it seem like you’re doing so many things right that everybody else is doing but at the end of the day, you’re up at night wondering what it's going to take for you to lose this weight while all the ladies at the gym seem to have some secret formula for staying fit and making it look easy?


you're a smart cookie...
so why can't you figure this out?



Somewhere in the mix of trying to eat a little sugar-free, paleo, gluten-free, more whole foods and the next greatest supplement, the BASICS of how to simply eat healthy to get results are being forgotten. What's worse is you are stuck in a cycle of trying something new, starting over and repeating the cycle.


Are you ready to STOP working so hard, being confused about eating and FIGURE IT OUT?


Melissa after.jpg

"I started out with Jodi’s 10 day sugar detox on August 1st and I have transformed the way I eat. This is a lifestyle change I adore, not another diet and have now lost 56 pounds!"

I wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes and kick my diet pop habit. I have transformed the way I eat, and this is a lifestyle change I adore, not a diet. Whole Foods can do amazing things for a body! I now snack on nuts, fruits, and seeds instead of crackers/cheese. My plates are full of a rainbow of veggies with lean protein. I am so thankful for joining in on that initial challenge and your videos/recipes in the Pure Foodies group were so helpful along the way. Can't wait to share the after photos n the coming months!

- Melissa


I used to live off fat-free yogurt, Quaker granola bars and then binge on pretzels and ice cream every night. And every morning wake up feeling full, groggy and gross only to repeat the cycle day after day. I know how it feels to be addicted to sugar!


This was me, before I was a health coach or understood anything about food.




I'd watch people I knew eat dinner and be good, not even want dessert or carbs.

I thought, 'how can my body be so dependent on this junk food' while they make it look so easy? They don't even work out as hard as I do and they just maintain their weight so easily?

I thought I was being tricked. I mean, is it really true that it's 80% diet and 20% exercise?

JODI BULLOCK 11 21 2016-JODI BULLOCK 11 21 2016-0052.jpg

All I needed was to learn how to use foods to create health and results.

Once I knew how foods worked in my body,
everything made sense...


"My stomach is getting flatter by the day, and I'm not addicted to sugar anymore!"

I definitely should have taken measurements prior to starting, because I've been doing pilates 2-3 days per week, and my shape has changed. My clothes ALL fit better, and I've even worn some things that I assumed I never could, like skinny jeans!

- Deb B.

I actually had just been eating whatever was there and tasted good. I was following my cravings which weren't even what my body was telling me it needed, it was just the sugar addiction taking everything over.

While I was super into exercise and my workouts, I had absolutely no idea what I was putting in my body day after day. I didn't look at labels or even know how to balance proteins, carbs and fats. I thought eating low-fat was what you were supposed to do to be 'healthy.'

I finally realized I had to look a little further to find out what foods really created health and vitality and energy. It wasn't what was in all the ads or commercials, I had to buy into the "eat whole foods tribe" and acknowledge that many of the foods on the shelves do absolutely NOTHING FOR THE BODY.

Today eating low sugar is an after-thought, I can make, find or buy everything I need to be able to:

  • Create delicious, filling creative recipes that take less than 15 minutes!
  • Look at any product and know if it will help or hurt my gut or the results I want for my health.
  • Feel good, have energy and still get to eat and drink my favorite things in ways that taste better and make me WANT TO KEEP EATING THEM & not eat the regular old sugary stuff!



What you really need to do to cut sugar and figure out how much
(and what kinds) will work for you in the long run!



  • Clear the slate so your body can get a fresh start
  • Gain confidence in knowing how to feel good
  • Learn how to look at labels so you know what works and what doesn't
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Uncover any patterns that have kept you from achieving results (what are YOUR triggers?)
  • Discover what changes you might make within yourself to commit to hitting your goal by the end of the program

10 day sugar detox

Get your system reset, drop the carbs and see results fast!


Week 1

  • Learn how to make simple daily tweaks that will set you free
  • Discover how your sugar addiction patterns might be showing up in other places & what to do about it
  • Get to the root of the addiction and figure out tools to help you not even WANT the sugar anymore!
  • Lay the foundation for lifelong maintenance and success



week 2

  • Know what items to always keep on hand so you're never more than 10 minutes away from a delicious sugar free meal
  • Learn how to plan ahead so the "I don't have time" excuse evaporates for good
  • Easy, simple make-ahead methods that even the least experienced cook can make successfully
  • Time saving hacks & tips to make lots of variety with just a few cooking methods!

Cooking sugar-free: how to make delicious meals that keep you full, satisfied and are done in 20 minutes or less


week 3

  • Learn what to do before and after going out to ensure you stay feeling good and stay on track to your program goals!
  • How to manage cocktails, wine and drinks and what part they can play in your low sugar plan
  • What to do with eating your favorite foods whether you're out to eat or cooking for family & friends at home
  • Feel good AND have fun AND get to your weight loss goals!

How to be sugar-free and still have a social life


week 4

How and if you should add in grains, starches, and legumes

  • Find the outline of eating that works for you LONG-TERM, whether it's no sugar, low-sugar, or somewhere in between
  • Learn the background of eliminating grains, starches, and legumes and how to know how your body responds best to each of them
  • Balancing a low-sugar lifestyle and finding the BEST ways to consume grains and other carbs when you do have them
  • Know exactly what to do to stay or keep moving toward your ultimate weight loss or break your sugar habit goals!


A Step Beyond Sugar: rounding out the big picture 


  • Learn how to maximize hydration to boost your weight loss goals
  • The SECRET exercise tips that help turn you into a fat burning machine 
  • The TRUTH about cardio and how much it really takes to lose and maintain your goal weight 
  • The SINGLE biggest lifestyle piece that is keeping you from losing the weight 


extra Bonuses!

  • Cook Yourself Into Clean Eating Challenge (and videos)
  • Tame your Triggers Challenge pdf (and videos)






"After following the plan for a few weeks, I feel SO much better. I finally feel like myself again!"

Last year, I injured my shoulder and needed surgery. As an avid runner who also practices Pilates twice a week, this was not part of my game plan. It took several months to recover. My body didn’t feel right; especially my digestive system. After following the plan for 7 weeks, I feel SO much better. By logging what I eat every day, understanding food combinations and cutting back on caffeine, sugar, dairy and processed foods, I finally feel like myself again! I’ve learned so much about healthy food, cooking, habits, exercise and my body during this course. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants to be healthier, learn about how food fuels the body or simply feel better!

- Erin B.


Frequently Asked questions


how is the program delivered?

The first 10 days of your challenge is in a membership site with daily videos, recipes and content. Each of the following weeks you will get new added recipes and a meal prep checklist and plan for what to focus on for that week AND a live training in the private Facebook Group which will also be recorded as an audio. See the topics listed above.


Can I start anytime?

Yes. If you want to join the 'official' start date, that will be February 13th, however you can also use it as a self-study course if you want to go at your own pace. 


Is there any live coaching?

Yes when you join anytime before March 31st. I'll be running the program live with open enrollment from February 13th - March 31st. We will have weekly live training calls which will also be live streamed in our private Facebook group. You can also watch and comment on live stream videos as well as post your comments and questions there at any time.


How much is the program?

The investment is $397.


I don't eat certain foods, can I still do this?

Yes. The recipes in the course will be gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and whole food based. It is not conducive to Vegan diets, but vegetarian and otherwise will work fine. You can always swap out an ingredient for a different fruit, protein, or vegetable option if you prefer.


I don't know how to cook, does that matter?

I love this question! One of the pillars of this program is learning simple cooking methods that will make things easier during the program and after! Once you learn the fundamental formulas for mixing and matching foods and flavor pairing, everything gets easier. In week 2, we dive deeper into fast, simple and even hands-off cooking methods!


I have a family, will I have to make separate meals?

Yes and no. Your family may not have the desire to eat the exact same way as you, but you don't have to completely change what you buy, cook or prepare. You will be able to easily add items for the rest of your family to what you are eating that makes it efficient for you all. 


Will I have to commit to eating no sugar for this whole time?

The first 10 days are a completely sugar free plan. The recommendation is to do the first full three weeks without sugar. After that, the focus of the program is a maintenance plan, learning how and when and what whole, gluten-free grains, starches, real food carbohydrates are and can have a place in your diet. It will be up to you to decide how long you maintain the complete sugar free plan. I always recommend at least three weeks for a great reset.


Can I have alcohol on this plan?

Alcohol is a form of sugar and will greatly inhibit your results both internally and externally. I recommend avoiding alcohol for three weeks and then we will discuss during the program, what kind of alcohols are lower sugar, how to plan around social events, cocktail hour and better choices for wine, liquors and how to make sure your body is best prepped for detoxing.


Can I eat fruit on this program?

Yes you will be able to consume fruit (not unlimited though!) and I'll advise you on which fruits, the amounts and in what formats are best.


Cutting sugar is POWERFUL. When you start with a sugar detox you are setting yourself up for a great reset, and then by learning simple cooking methods, easy recipes and how be comfortable with whole foods, this gets EASY! What would it be like to have this eating thing down? Where you know what to shop for, how to prep and plan so you are on top of meals, snacks and you feel your best long-term!



You could be eating like THIS, and losing weight, having more energy and not feel like you're missing out on a thing!

Join now and let's make how to eat the last thing on your mind!