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I used to tell my mom I was born in the wrong state. I’d tell her, "Mom, I really think I was supposed to be born in California or somewhere warm!" and I didn’t even realize it then, but it was more than just the warm temperatures I was pulled toward. I grew up like many kids in the mid-west, going to visit my grandparents on the farm, getting to play with the puppies, kitties, lambs, and cows :) And that meant we ate traditional mid-western foods too. Lots of beef, corn, spaghetti, goulash (if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry) and ice cream! Oh the ice cream, I had to have it after dinner every night!

When I got to college, I turned into a gym rat. I was a basketball player turned workout junkie, loved to walk, run, and do anything athletic. My passion for fitness turned into studying Exercise Science and eventually to getting certified as a STOTT Pilates Instructor. I loved everything about exercise and thought I was doing pretty well. I worked out with my clients in my studio, ran all the time, and felt good - like I was in shape.

Eventually, after getting married and having trouble getting pregnant, I found myself in the office of several reproductive endocrinologists, listening to them tell me I had this condition called hypogonadotropic something or other and that my only choice was to do IVF. Yikes. I was scared to death of that! I mean, I watched Giuliana and Bill on television and saw what happened to her... The hyper-stimulation, the shots, the medicine, the surgeries. I didn’t want to do that, I was hardly ever sick, didn’t take medicine, ate pretty healthy, and didn’t understand what was wrong. 

The biggest problem I had looking back was believing in the label they gave me. As soon as I knew what I ‘had’, I started digging into it, trying to figure something out, and in the meantime, going forward with the IVF process. Let’s just say it wasn’t fun.

My body turned into someone else’s. It didn’t work right anymore and it didn’t feel good at all.
I was sad, not happy, and nothing in my life was right. 

I knew though in my stubborn little heart that there had to be another way. After 4 failed attempts, I told my husband, "this is ridiculous... we have to stop this and try something else." And wouldn’t you know it, when the student is ready, the teacher(s) appear. I found myself digging into all kinds of mentors in the holistic nutrition world, learning about how the body really works, what’s true about food, why didn’t anyone tell me about all these things I was doing, hurting my body, keeping it stuck, and keeping me miserable. The interesting thing was, I was already a registered dietitian, but I had hardly scratched the surface on what food, nutrition, and holistic health meant at all.

It’s because that’s the way most of the world is setup to think today, but let me tell you... Your body is strong, resilient, and it knows what to do. All you have to do is set it up right and give it the right tools, the right environment, the right FOODS, and the right mindset to feel so amazing you’ll wonder why you waited so long to change your health.



Are you ready to bust through some labels?



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If you are ready to actually learn the truth about food, your body, your health, and what’s possible for you, sign up for a time to talk with me. Nothing you say about where you are or where you want to go will phase me. I am here to help you get everything you want for your body, your health, and your life. 

Remember... You’re supposed to feel good, be happy, have energy, life, and vitality.

It’s really not that complicated, and if you’re willing to learn a few things, you can completely transform your health and find out what works for you. Every one of us is a little different and that’s the beauty of our bodies. We are all unique, however we all still run on everything real.

So, I might still live in the mid-west, but I am here to bring a little bit of that happy healthy California vibe to as many people as I can and help to shift the world into a simpler, cleaner way of eating.







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