How to 'cheat' with whole food snacks


I hate the word 'cheating' when it comes to food, but I get the implication. As I'm on my first week of my food sensitivity elimination diet, yesterday I was hungry but not, I didn't want to eat another cucumber, more lima beans or salad! Of course I can have more than that, but I didn't want more fruit, or pistachios either.

So what can you do if you are on a whole food plan or you just HAVE to have something or else you'll go crazy?!?

Look for things the are single whole food based snacks.

You can find them all over these days, and most of the time you'll have more options than this, but for right now, I have potatoes on my food list and beets are around the corner next week. You can find simple ingredients that still will work.

I found these chips that are made only from potatoes, olive oil and salt. That's it that's all.



I found them at Trader Joe's but you can most likely find plain chips at most grocery stores, OR easily just thinly slice and bake your own in the oven.



I don't really love potato chips but since corn in on my reactive list - no more tortilla chips for me right now!

The next idea for a simple ingredient snack is dehydrated foods. You can dehydrate anything: fruits or veggies and these beet snacks are just made of beets. This option can be better than dried fruits since those are higher in sugar and may have added sulfites, so read your labels, be creative and see how many ways you can figure out a healthy snack out of single whole food!