How to make a healthy Shamrock Shake!

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What's WAY better than a St Patty's day hangover?

A HEALTHY redo of the classic SHAMROCK SHAKE!

I used to go to ahem the yellow arches for ice cream AND the shamrock shakes, my roommate and I would go every March. oh that peppermint flavor! But now I can read and know things so I don't do that but I still LOVE peppermint or spearmint and the idea of the shake! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

So here's my healthy makeover - it's so good, seriously go make it!


* 2 bananas (chopped and frozen ahead of time)

* Fresh mint leaves

* Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

* Ice

* Handful fresh spinach

* 1 vanilla bean


1. Slice your vanilla bean and scrape insides into blender

2. Add all remaining ingredients in your blender and mix

3. Add more/less almond milk/water to desired consistency

4. Top with a sprig of fresh mint

5. Drink without digestive distress :)

Leave me a shamrock emoji for good luck!

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