Is Zevia a healthy alternative to diet soda?




Ok talk to you next time.


I WANTED it to be a good one so badly

In case you aren't sure what we're talking about here, Zevia is sort of known in the healthier food world as a good idea if you are addicted to Diet Coke. So you know that soda or pop is bad, like really really bad for you. And that diet soda is also very very very bad for you. But I guess everyone out there just feels the need to be drinking carbonated beverages out of cans all day?


Probably because of not eating the fullest nutrients in your diet day to day, but anyhow, I tried Zevia (sweetened with stevia) before I *knew* what I was really looking at. And I have still bought it for an occasional treat if you will. But here's where the problem ingredients lie:


  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavors


Citric acid is usually derived from corn and hidden in MANY MANY products. You need to know that nearly all corn is GMO these days and that citric acid is not a good thing to consume. Citric acid irritates the LINING OF YOUR GUT, also not a good idea to be doing.


Natural Flavors is hidden in even MORE places than citric acid. And unless your label reads something like "Organic natural orange flavor" it's hidden MSG. MSG attacks your central nervous system and your brain.


What a pair right?

I noticed that EVERY SINGLE TIME I drank this, my stomach was instantly bloated, full and gassy. Un no thank you. And it was the only thing in my diet/food that would even remotely be able to cause a negative side effect. So out it goes, but good news! I have a way for you to make this in a healthy way!


Here's what I do, and this is for the Cherry Soda flavor:

  • Bottled Pelligrino
  • Organic liquid french vanilla stevia
  • Organic cherries (you have to get the frozen ones, put some in a glass container in your fridge and let them naturally thaw out and you'll get cherry juice)

Once thawed, just add a few cherries and some juice to your sparkling water and flavor it. Simple and it's not going to attack your nerves, brain or gut. Better choice right?


ALSO that means bye bye La Croix waters....switch to Spindrift and again your body will thank you!




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