3 day Cleanse!

I’ve updated my popular Christmas Cleanse to help you focus on HYDRATION, DETOX and FLUSHING out any of the holiday party foods you might have been indulging in :) You can do this cleanse pre-Christmas event, post family food fests, or even repeat for a bigger impact! Enjoy!

mango spinach smoothie.jpg


Start your morning with filtered water (add lemons OR limes if you have that option too). 20+ ounces first thing in the morning before anything else. ALSO: omit all coffee. Coffee is super dehydrating and basically doing exactly what we don’t want it to do!

Smoothie Formula: 1 banana + 1 cup fruit your choice + greens + 1-2 TBSP milled chia + water/non dairy unsweetened milk (and ice if you like)

Or try some of my favorites here:



CLASSIC: 1 banana + big handful spinach + 1 cup frozen wild blueberries + 2 TBSP chia + water

Cucumber noodle wraps 2.JPG


Think LIGHT FOODS here! Your focused ingredients: lettuces; cucumbers; celery and the rest we mix and match. You will consume RAW greens, cucumber, celery and then either other raw veggies/fruits OR part cooked veggies. Pick from any of the following recipes!




asian seafood soup.JPG


Soup is for dinner! WHY? Because it’s cold out! The broth is mineral dense and you will get gut healing cooked veggies with sea veggies to help you detox and cleanse before you put yourself and your liver to sleep! Just make a BIG batch of this soup for dinner for the three nights of your cleanse and if you need something warm during the day, warm up a cup to sip on or use your herbal teas as noted below.

Grab the recipe here!

Your special ingredients to find at the store in the Asian food area: Kelp noodles, dulse flakes (from the Atlantic ocean only), coconut aminos and make sure you have rice vinegar as well.


Here’s your full outline!

WAKE: drink 20 + oz filtered water (add lemon or lime)

TOTAL FOCUSED WATER intake: 100+ oz/day

No coffee

Drink herbal teas at anytime (make sure you brew them correctly most of them you cover and steep for 10 minutes before drinking): I recommend dandelion, Nettle leaf, Lemon Balm

AM: 16 oz green juice

Choose any of the options for breakfasts/lunches or make up your own combination out of the food formulas

Detox soup for dinner

SNACKS: if you want a snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon have 1 serving of fruit: apples, grapes, berries, pears

Afternoon juice (if you have a juicer): 16 oz straight cucumber juice/or swap any green juice

Eat at least an hour before going to bed, get plenty of sleep

Give yourself something to incentivize yourself OUT of the kitchen. Order a new book on your Kindle or Audible, get in bed early to journal, meditate or listen to music or watch brainless Vanderpump Rules tv :)

Watch Video 1 below!