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No matter who you are, or how many grandma’s you have. I bet you have been offered a few more cookies, candies, or cocktails than in your normal day to day life during the month of December!

I found the 3 Day Christmas Cleanse I ran two years in ago and decided since I have UPGRADED myself, my nutrition and food knowledge that I better just update this cleanse and send it out to you guys again with BETTER information to help you feel better during this time of year. Because that’s always the point, to feel better, and to let our bodies BE better, WORK better and be more of ourselves.

The focus of this cleanse is HYDRATION.

To revive your cells from dehydrating sugar and alcohol.

To give your liver what it needs to replenish and cleanse.

And then to use plant based foods with high mineral density to help you safely detoxify.

It’s simple, fast and effective.

And it’s all real foods!

Anyone can feel a difference in 3 days! Especially in this order of eating!

Want in?

Thought so! 😎

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Join the christmas cleanse now!

I’ll be hosting a LIVE version of the PRE and POST Christmas Cleanse!

To watch the videos join Pure Foodies now!


(perfect if you need to be in a little black Christmas dress)

December 11-13th


December 27-29th

(perfect if you need to be in a NYE dress 😉)