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Are you looking for a little one on one support?

My coaching is all about supporting you in learning how to eat a plant based diet, and understanding the healing and transformational powers of foods. I work with women, men and families who need guidance in finding a way to make a healthy lifestyle work for them. 


I currently offer a Family Plant Based makeover package and a few spaces for private 1:1 support.


If you want to work with me for consulting for your hotel or restaurant in creating plant based recipes options, training your staff in food sensitivity, allergies and intolerances to support working better with your customers, please fill out the form on my contact me page.

new! limited time only!

body back boost sessions!

If you just need a quick tune up or feel a little lost about what direction to go. This session is to get clarity around what your body is telling you, and what next steps you need to implement!





  • Finding your unique food blueprint

  • Digestive relief, support with IBS, bloating and digestive disease states

  • Fertility coaching

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Eating sugar free

  • Detoxification/cleansing

  • Weight loss for the corporate/business man

  • Meal prepping, shopping, and understanding foods

  • Consulting on cooking, prepping and recipe instructions




Types of services I offer:

  • Health and lifestyle coaching

  • Mindset coaching for health

  • Feeding healthy families

  • Postnatal nutrition

  • Recipe collaborations

  • Brand partnerships (with products I truly love and adore!)

  • Speaking engagements

  • Programs for mindbody wellness studios

  • Exercise guidance and support


Ready to get healthy? Grab your sessions with Jodi above!