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Are you looking for a little one on one support?

My coaching is all about supporting you in learning how to eat a plant based diet, and understanding the healing and transformational powers of foods and how they help to shift you physically while looking at you as an entire package supporting the emotional and spiritual as well. I work with women, men and families who need guidance in finding a way to make a healthy lifestyle work for them. Private options are below, and remember if you are looking for help with plant based eating & cooking check out Fueled & Focused or healing your gut, check out Trust Your Gut.

30 Days Of Voxer Support

Voxer is a walkie talkie/messenger/text/photo sharing app that is an amazing tool for accountability and support. This 30 day offer is perfect if you are looking for daily (Monday - Friday) guidance and accountability. This is a great stand alone option if you are new to working with me and only want short term guidance, or a perfect addition to one of my courses as a VIP option. I check messages twice per day, and we can talk about anything.


Family Makeover Package:

For the family that knows they need to get their health on track and clean up their diets as a whole. We’ll work through your family’s unique needs and health goals, clean out the kitchen, create systems and plans so healthy eating IS easy, simple and fast for you and your lifestyles. 6 weeks together to redo your kitchen, your shopping, feeding your kids, your family and addressing any unique food sensitivities, conditions. PLUS free access to Fueled & Focused my plant based eating course. 3 calls with me, and weekday Voxer support.

Private Coaching:

This is my current 1:1 private coaching intensive, 4 months (16 weeks) with me to completely overhaul, your health, your body, and your mindset about what is possible for you to achieve and to have in terms of how you get to show up in the body you live in day after day. This is for the highly motivated person who is DONE not having her body and health reflect what she knows is possible for her. And is ready and willing NOW to do the work, inner and outer to redefine her physical reality. This program is tailored to you, your desires, your unique health as it is right now, what foods your body is asking you for right now, the best types of exercise and structure (or lack of) that will work for you based on your inherent human design. It’s about getting healthy the RIGHT way, for who you are, how you are built and what you WANT and must have. 2 calls/month; Voxer support and access to my other online courses and programs. This is a high end coaching package ($12,000 pay in full or 4 payments of $3,375) for women ready to get and see results in their HEALTH, BODY and LIFE.

I also have few spaces for my Baby Body Ready private coaching package!


6 Weeks 1:1 with me, 1 call per week and Voxer support to help you move through what you need to do NOW to be even healthier, stay nourished, strong, feeling good and continue to feed into the health of this baby.

$3500 pay in full


For hotels, restaurants, spas, business with integrated wellness options: Creating plant based recipes, menus, editing current menus for mainstream client needs including vegan, gluten free, dairy free, plant based, allergy free; training your staff in food sensitivity, allergies and intolerances to support working better with your customers, or similar needs please fill out the form on my contact me page.

new! limited time only!

body back boost sessions!

If you just need a quick tune up or feel a little lost about what direction to go. This session is to get clarity around what your body is telling you, and what next steps you need to implement!





  • Finding your unique food blueprint

  • Digestive relief, support with IBS, bloating and digestive disease states

  • Fertility coaching

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Eating sugar free

  • Detoxification/cleansing

  • Weight loss for the corporate/business man

  • Meal prepping, shopping, and understanding foods

  • Consulting on cooking, prepping and recipe instructions




Types of services I offer:

  • Health and lifestyle coaching

  • Mindset coaching for health

  • Feeding healthy families

  • Postnatal nutrition

  • Recipe collaborations

  • Brand partnerships (with products I truly love and adore!)

  • Speaking engagements

  • Programs for mindbody wellness studios

  • Exercise guidance and support


Ready to get healthy? Grab your sessions with Jodi above!