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I contacted Jodi when I had a relapse of SIBO after thinking I’d sorted it and was feeling so frustrated, fed up and rotten. She was amazing!

From the word go she was SO supportive, had fantastic advice and such confidence that we could sort it that I immediately felt more relaxed just knowing she was looking after me.

I started following her advice on a Saturday. By the following Wednesday I was able to reintroduce vegetables and foods my SIBO had prevented me from eating because it brought about horrible symptoms and because of that, I just knew it had gone already. My mind was blown! I had never thought to look at food in the way that Jodi teaches and everything she has shown me has changed my health, my mood and my life for the absolute best. I felt completely supported throughout the entire process - Jodi was there for constant support and her wisdom and approach have taught me so much. I feel so incredibly well now. My digestion feels so strong, my energy levels are the best they’ve been in a long time; my skin is clear and I just feel really really good. I’m so happy. Thank you so much Jodi, I am eternally grateful for everything xxxx

-Lucy G (Trust Your Gut client)


Very quickly into Jodi’s program I was so happy with my decision to join the group. The information that I learned is so valuable to my future with the impact of food and living a balanced life. It wasn’t just the material but the way the info was introduced and the guidance that Jodi provided throughout the program. I decided to join because I already tried so many different methods to alleviate my symptoms (eczema being a big one) that were not sticking and I wanted direct support and personal testing to see if that could make a difference. I was tired of trying so many different things that were “supposed” to help me but didn’t. I didn’t want to cheat myself out of the program and committed 100% by adhering to the protocol so at the end there would be no excuse of “well maybe if I hadn’t done this…or that.” Even during the “withdrawal” symptoms I still felt better than I had before. It was hard because I had to cut out a number of things including caffeine and sugars. I thought I would want to run back to all of those things after, but I didn’t even care to! It allowed me to become very creative in the kitchen and still make delicious meals that could give me that same exciting experience I used to have. By the end of the program I lost 27 pounds (I was never hungry and didn’t have Rocky Balboa training sessions), my eczema gone, along with any of the other symptoms I was experiencing before starting the program. I am happy with my results and have the knowledge to continue and maintain a more empowered life style. Jodi is an excellent and genuine leader that invests time and care with each one of her clients. Thank you Jodi and keep spreading the love!

- Jenny S.

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Almost a year and a half ago, I had a massive hip surgery which caused me to gain about 40 pounds. I was left feeling sluggish and drained from my surgery. I took large amounts of painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medication to cope with my muscle and joint aches. In efforts to try to loose the weight, I continued to feel bloated, tired, and still continually got hives on my face after eating certain foods. I finally got fed up of trying to eat healthy and having failure.

When I began working with Jodi, I dove right into the LEAP diet protocol. Immediately I felt my body deflating from years of bloat, my eczema cleared up, and my hip felt better than it had in years. Not to mention, my daily afternoon headaches were gone. In the first month, I lost 20 pounds and was feeling back to my "old self" again. Over the last few months, Jodi has continued to help me shed more weight (back to my high school weight!), taught me how to add supplements and essential oils into my daily routine, and helped me explore a variety of foods and recipes to include in my lifestyle. I feel the healthiest I have in my whole life. I feel refreshed in the morning and wake up with confidence knowing that my body aches and bloating won't be returning anytime soon. Working with Jodi was the best choice for me! I am satisfied and over joyed with the lessons and education she has given me over the past months. 

- Chloe Bodenhamer

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About a year before I met Jodi I started to experience stabbing and twisting pains in my guy area. I was missing a lot of work and social events with friends and family because I just could not get out of bed. The pain was tearing me down mentally and physically. I had been to countless doctor appointments, had every test done in the book. I even visited the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis because no one could seem to figure out why I was having these horrible stomach pains. Multiple doctors told me it doesn’t matter what I eat with IBS that my stomach is going to hurt either way. Other doctors directed me to FODMAP diet. My body was a complete yo-yo with all these different treatments. Despite none of these treatments working, I actually continued to get worse but I was not going to give up on my health. I was at an extremely low point in my life, very depressed, stressed and developed severe anxiety. I spent countless days crying from the pain and asking what I did to deserve this. I was trying everything I was told and nothing was working, why wasn’t it working? At first I was skeptical as your approach was a lot more holistic and strayed from traditional western medicine. In my gut, I knew that I needed to try a completely different approach and this was it. I realized although I thought my diet was healthy it contained more protein and artificial sweeteners that the fitness industry has made us believe and switched to your recommendations of green juices and healing foods, but I started to shift my mindset to allow my body to soak up not only the nutrients of these foods but the powerful energies as well. The biggest challenge for me through this was to let go and not be in control at every second. I was so used to having to control every single thing I ate to try and not be sick that I was not allowing myself to heal and take in the healing energies of these good vibrational foods. One day, finally it (the stomach pains) were gone! I just couldn’t believe it. Jodi I cannot thank you enough for this journey. I know I still have much to do but you have helped in so many ways.

-Kelsey Sandon

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Over the last couple of years I have had complex health challenges with debilitating GI issues. Jodi is easy to work with and very knowledgeable on different approaches on how to ease digestion. I did the LEAP testing with her and it helped lessen my stomach pain and figure out what I was reacting to. My healing has been a process and working with Jodi was one positive step in that process!

- Jamie Jimenez

Before I met Jodi I had been struggling with my weight, acid reflux, and stomach bloating for a couple of years. When I lived in Chicago, I was very active, naturally walked miles a day, and followed the Paleo Diet. When I moved back to Iowa, I gained 25 pounds, started to have an issue with acid reflux, and was experiencing a lot of bloating. I was having a hard time getting myself back onto a strict diet such as the Paleo diet. I travel a lot and have several business dinners a week so eating out almost every day is a challenge in my goal to lose weight. When I started working with Jodi, I began with a 10-day sugar detox which was a great reset to my system. Just from the sugar detox, I was already sleeping better and feeling less bloated! Jodi began to teach me about digestion, foods to stay away from, and how some food combinations are good or bad. Within 6 weeks, I had lost 6 lbs, I was off my acid reflux medicine, I was sleeping better at night, and not dealing with bloating! She helped me learn how to eat healthy at restaurants by reviewing the menus with me and guiding me in what to order. Also, Jodi made me realize it’s okay to ask for a custom order at a restaurant to maintain a healthy diet. She built a custom plan to my lifestyle and my requirements (wine was not an option to cut out). Her approach of educating her clients on digestion, benefits of specific nutrients within foods, and harmful foods to avoid really make it a life lesson you can take away with you and live by. Unlike all the other fad diets I’ve tried, this really wasn’t hard. It became kind of like common sense.

- Genevieve Dean

Before the program, I was bloated, fatigued, and had no desire to do activities I once liked to do due to my use of antibiotics. After getting started with Jodi and going through my LEAP testing, I was able to figure out what foods to avoid to help heal my gut! Jodi walked me through a plan to help me overcome my yeast overgrowth. Through our calls I was able to learn what foods, spices, and additives to avoid and which ones I could incorporate in that fit both with my elimination diet, as well as my personal preferences for foods I liked or didn't like. With Jodi's help, I have been able to overcome my yeast overgrowth and have learned recipes I can incorporate into my daily life and how clean eating doesn't have to be difficult or impossible in everyday life!

- Ashley Yawney

In the process of working with Jodi, I have lost more than 35 pounds, but the most important result I have achieved is that my doctor officially removed “hypertension” from my medical chart! I no longer have to take medication. I worked with Jodi one-on-one with nutrition consults initially for weight loss, and then went through the LEAP MRT food sensitivity testing. This program addressed the inflammation in my body causing my blood pressure and cholesterol to be elevated to dangerous levels. Jodi helped me learn a new way to think about choosing foods, planning and preparing meals, and eating with a purpose. I have learned how to cook more creatively using new flavors. I used to always need a recipe to make something, but through Jodi’s instruction, I am now making up things that actually taste pretty good! Jodi is very easy to work with and allows for imperfections. She listens and offers alternatives and doesn’t judge you if you don’t always stick to the plan. It has been the best thing I have ever done and has totally changed my life.

– Lee Ann Coates

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"Working with Jodi was one of the best decisions I made for my health and ultimately my business. I knew I was tired of feeling sluggish, I'd been on thyroid medicine for years and suffered from IBS since high school. I was tired of taking medicine every single day, of feeling so uncomfortable from bloating and needed something to change in order to have the energy and mindset to grow a business and chase after a two-year-old. Within weeks of our first call, I notice major changes in the way my body felt, how I responded to food and ultimately my energy level. Jodi knows her stuff and my eyes were opened to what I was putting in my body. Jodi's knowledge goes beyond what we eat and really taps into our relationship and mindset around food and sustainability. If you've been thinking of working with her and are tired of feeling the way you've been feeling or dealing with the health issues that keep coming up for you I can't think of anyone better to support you. It's been over a year now and I can count on one hand the number of times I've felt bloated and no longer need thyroid medicine to balance my levels."

-Michelle Knight

Before working with Jodi, I had struggled for as long as I can remember with pain and bloating and just feeling bad after eating most meals. I tried to “self diagnose” myself and thought it might be meat - so I became a vegetarian 9 years ago. The pain was less, but not gone completely. So, I thought maybe it was dairy - and became a vegan. Along with eating SUPER healthy and doing “everything right,” I started GAINING weight. Gaining weight, while still feeling pain and nausea after every meal. I was SO SICK of being SICK. Within 2 weeks of working with Jodi on my elimination diet, I had already dropped 9 pounds!! 

Jodi helped me create meals and recipes around the foods I was able to eat and then completely supported me as I added in items each day. I never felt lost or confused or hungry! The best part is that for almost 3 months now, I haven’t felt sick, bloated, or had the horrible stabbing pains that I used to have! I have lost 16.2 pounds in less than 3 months! I’m so thrilled and I truly believe that EVERYONE should work with Jodi using this protocol - even if you think you are “doing everything right” like I did.

- Kate Taylor

Last year, I injured my shoulder and needed surgery. As an avid runner who also practices Pilates twice a week, this was not part of my game plan. It took several months to recover and I gained 8 pounds during the process. My body didn’t feel right; especially my digestive system. I told Jodi my goals were to lose at least 5 lbs and get my “gut” to feel better. After following the plan for 7 weeks, I lost 11 pounds! But most importantly, I feel SO much better. By logging what I eat every day, understanding food combinations, and cutting back on caffeine, sugar, dairy, and processed foods, I finally feel like myself again! I’ve learned so much about healthy food, cooking, habits, exercise and my body during this course. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants to lose weight, learn about how food fuels the body, or simply feel better!

- Erin Bailey

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I have wasted so much time and money going from one “natural” doctor to another in hopes of ridding my body of nagging aches and pains. I started regular pilates classes about 3 years ago and that has helped immensely overall, but some of the exercises were difficult to do because of substantial lower back pain. I spent small fortunes on chiropractors, physical therapists, and even acupuncture, but nothing helped. Then, only because I was having such digestive issues, I enrolled in Jodi’s LEAP program. Before the program, I could expect severe intestinal discomfort about 3:00 p.m. every day. When I received the results back from my LEAP test, I couldn’t believe I was sensitive to such an array of “healthy foods”… Carrots, vanilla, coconut, to name a few! After just a few weeks into the elimination diet, I had the surprise of my life. During a pilates class, I performed an exercise and for the first time in 3 years, I felt NO pain in my lower back!!! Plus my digestive discomfort was totally gone. I was shocked at how inflammation sneaks up and attacks the body, catching you totally unaware. I had no idea my pain was a result of sensitivity to foods. So, now I listen very closely to what my body is trying to tell me. I recommend Jodi’s program to anyone having unexplained aches and pains, as well as digestive problems!

- Barb Chapman

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I started out with Jodi’s 10 day sugar detox on August 1st and as of today I have lost 49lbs! I started the challenge because I wanted to stop my endless cycle of weight gain/loss before my 40th birthday, feel comfortable in my clothes, and I wanted to kick my diet pop habit. I have transformed the way I eat, and this is a lifestyle change I adore, not a diet. Whole Foods can do amazing things for a body! I now snack on nuts, fruits, and seeds instead of crackers/cheese. My plates are full of a rainbow of veggies with lean protein. I am so thankful for joining in on that initial challenge and your videos/recipes in the Pure Foodies group were so helpful along the way.  Here's a pic taken on 7/31 and an "in progress" pic taken just the other day. Can't wait to share the after in the coming months.

- Melissa

I'm 5'6", and I started at 142.6 pounds. I definitely should have taken measurements prior to starting, because I've been doing pilates 2-3 days per week, and my shape has changed. My clothes ALL fit better, and I've even worn some things that I assumed I never could, like skinny jeans! I've lost 8 pounds, my stomach is getting flatter by the day, and I'm not addicted to sugar anymore!

- Deb Bremser

I have lost 20 lbs from the sugar detox! Did it twice because after the first time I let too much 'crap' back into my diet. The second time I learned that nothing is worth the fantastic clean feeling I had the first time around! You've changed so much!!!

- Stephanie S.

Jodi has really helped me to better health. I've always tried to eat right, but knowing exactly what I react to, has helped me a lot. I consulted Jodi because I was having migraines, aches in joints, low energy, and occasionally bad hives and itchiness. I strive for 100-140 oz of water daily, as much vegetables as I can, fruit spaced through the day, and less meat. I learned through the daily food log that eating at restaurants delayed my progress too much - especially salad dressing. I carry olive oil now! I lost 10 pounds and look healthy and love that I can look better in my clothes. My skin and hair are looking better too with no sugar in my diet. I'm very grateful for Jodi and doing this elimination diet!

- Barb Harris


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