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You know you have to learn how to eat plants :) I’m here to help.

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Wanna know the biggest secret that the health & fitness industry isn't telling you? 

There is actually only ONE diet that feeds your body & soul.  

And the 'diet' that everyone is looking for is so so simple that you won't even be able to stand it, except that you will and you will also love it.

The outline for all of us to eat is not that different, yet it will be individual for YOU.

My job is to show you how to eat so that you feel good. And happy. And are healthy and learn your own blueprint with food.

Oh AND fit into your skinny jeans. Food is for FUEL. Food is for HEALTH. When you’re HEALTHY you are HAPPY and when you are HAPPY your body responds.


I learned how to cook by watching the Food Network while walking and running on the treadmill at my gym. I stayed until the episode was done and my favorite chefs were Barefoot Contessa, Bobby Flay and Giada de Laurentis. My culinary training. I’d memorize what they made, THE FORMULAS and then remake them my own way. I started creating recipes in my kitchen when I was single, living alone and told all my friends I’d be on the Food Network (which is still true). I even had this funny old logo called “The Active Eater.” and there were grapes on it. I know I’m weird.


My diet is 90% plants. YUM. Or it's up there, no I"m not vegan and you don't have to be either...but you CAN if that's your desire :) 

You can make anything, ANY recipe in a healthier way.


There are so many vital healing fruits and veggies, herbs and seeds that you have no idea what they are or how to use them and so you just walk right by them week after week at the grocery store even though your body would totally LOVE to be benefiting from them.


Fennel? Cilantro? Golden Beets? Collard greens? Black radishes?

Do you know what to do with these? Or is your healthy menu getting a little boring with another spinach salad with grilled chicken? And maybe broccoli?


This course is a fusion of how to actually eat a plant based diet, Energetics of food & eating & creating results based your own body type

It's one thing to want to eat better, but there are THINGS to know so that it's an easy part of your lifestyle instead of another burden on your back.


Foods carry vibrations because they are energetic beings just like you are. And what you choose is you taking THAT vibration from your food. So to get to the healthiest most vital, energetic body that you can continue to elevate with?


It’s not going to come from diet coke and doritos.

Or even a whey protein shake.

Or healthy snacks with specific chemicals hiding triggering ingredients in them.


Whatever level of health you’re at, your diet will either elevate you or pull you down.

You are missing out on a HUGE opportunity to increase abundance in your health and all other areas of your life when you are clueless in the kitchen.


It’s 10000% necessary to learn about food. What it does, how it helps you, how to know what you need to be focusing on, how to find it, how to read the labels, how to cook it and prepare it in all different ways that are easy, simple and fast so you actually DO THIS and get it IN YOUR BODY, not going to waste in your fridge.


When you know how to use food, to have confidence in food, you are FREE. FREE from confusion, trends and conflicting information.


You cannot get more simple and straight forward than this. You need to be prioritizing fruits and vegetables to use the power of foods to your advantage. No disease will thrive on the diet I’ve created (all safe ingredients). No drama can last in your body (only your mind but we’ll get to that).



Knowledge is power when you put it into action. When you eat this way, your body WILL respond. It’s like your car. It runs on gasoline, your body runs off these FOODS. When you put in the right gas, you get ENERGY BACK.


Your body will come to life, it will feel lighter, more energized, true health. Your digestion will improve your skin will improve. Everything is connected.


What works for one area of your body impacts the other beneficially too.



This is not about being vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or anything else. Its PLANT BASED eating. That’s the focus because that’s where the impact comes from. Anything beyond that is up to you.


What We’re covering together in our weekly coaching calls:


  • Shop for foods that are made from REAL, SAFE ingredients so that you don't get or stay stuck in your health

  • Learn and get familiar with new, cool and nutrient dense fruits & veggies to add to your diet for health, variety and TASTE so you WANT to eat them

  • Know exactly how to look at and read labels so you are the boss of what goes in your body no sneaks allowed

  • Find the BEST BRANDS for everything from pasta to crackers to pizza to juices so you are a grocery shopping wizard

  • COOK in your KITCHEN in a really simple way that makes you feel satisfied, and like you are in charge of your body and health

  • Make lunches and dinner in 10 min, 20 minutes and for sure less than 30 minutes so you can get back to your lap top or your babies or go to yoga

  • Take advantage of all my healthy fast food shortcuts so you have no excuses for not having healthy options at your fingertips all day any day

  • Be social and eat well. NOT PERFECT no one said that. Eat well, whether you’re cooking or going out, being healthy is not a sacrificing of your social life (you can have it all)

  • Make endless, colorful, healthy recipes with my amazing FOOD FORMULAS that remove the need for a bazillion recipes

  • How to use the foundation of your human design for BETTER energy exchange with food so you can lean into what works for YOU not ME

  • How to know if fasting works for you, how often you need to eat and how to find your own food blueprint!

  • Feeding yourself and others in your family without making 20 things every night

  • Healthy fast food shortcuts that make ALL the difference in saving time and money!

  • Juicing - how tos, with and without a juicer, how to do your own mini DIY at home juice cleanse, when to and how to use this for health maintenance and a rest

  • How you can and get to influence the vibration of foods by how you FEEL, what you do and believe so that you increase the energy of wellness and vitality in ANYTHING you eat!


And so much more….


This program is for the person who EATS FOOD.



Wants to do a better job at it.



You want to be healthy and are tired of trying to ‘meal plan’ or learn some recipes or keep up with the latest trend or diet.


You want to have more energy, better digestion and clear, glowing skin. You want to know that what you’re doing and putting in your body is actually good for you.




You don’t want to feel like you have to give up all the good things in life. Like eating out, having dessert, having a girl’s night or a social life. Or chocolate.


You also don’t want to gain weight every year like most people do, or just eat whatever is available and promise yourself you’ll get healthy ‘later.’


It’s not have fun OR be healthy. It’s not eat good food OR be thin and fit.

It’s all, everything, it’s better than you could have imagined.


This is for the woman who wants to know what all those ingredients mean, what the best snacks are to buy, how to eat out and still fit in her favorite clothes, and doesn’t want to take hours to figure it all out either!


Besides hiring your own plant based food chef, this is your best option.

Learn what the health coaches are eating, doing, finding, cooking, making.

It’s all my shortcuts, go-tos and how-tos to make food super easy and fun.


This is NOT for the person who is satisfied with picking something up for dinner or ordering takeout from places that don’t have a high concentration of color in their foods.


This is NOT for the person ok with giving herself or kids McDonald’s. If you are doing it and want to change PLEASE PLEASE DO I want to show you how simple it can be.


This is NOT for the person that thinks you only live once and being healthy is too high maintenance and doesn’t really matter because it’s all genetics right? WRONG.


If you want to know, clear the confusion and get comfortable in the kitchen, keep reading:


The kitchen is my most comfortable place to be. I don’t use recipes, but I’ll give them to you :) I just put foods together with unique flavors and keep mixing it up and I’ll show you all my formulas so you can do this too!


When you know what’s up with food, you walk into the grocery store and you save time, money and save the worrying about what you’re in there for, what to make for dinner and if your ‘healthy diet’ is actually doing anything for you.


Fueled & Focused

get familiar with all kinds of plants so you have endless options for healthy fast meals!



how to eat a plant based diet that is simple, delicious and keeps you coming back for more!


A Online Coaching & Cooking Program !

This is about transforming your food life, getting the body you want, taking charge of your health AND being so so so confident in the way you are eating and thinking about food.



how to 'do' a plant based diet so it's easy, fast, delicious and you don't give up your social life!


Fueled & Focused is literally HOW TO EAT with the accountability and tools to help you recreate your life with food.  The truth about food, nutrition, vibration and how to align yourself with the right foods, healthiest sources so that you are in control of your health and body WITH the support of a health coach to help you tailor this to what YOU need for your lifestyle or body goals



learn what to eat, how to cook it and you will expand your diet and be kitchen confident & your healthiest body will follow along


Pay in full: $597

Payment Plan

2 x $349



The kitchen edit

Learn what are the 'no list' foods, and go through your kitchen, looking at ingredients and labels and tossing things out or at least not buying them again. You'll know exactly what to keep on hand & get my MASTER FOOD LIST so your fridge, pantry, freezer and cupboards are all stocked with healthy and safe foods. This means, spices, herbs, fruits, veggies, frozen foods, pantry items, condiments, flavor enhancers, salad dressing, proteins, EVERYTHING down to the detail. You will completely confident in going grocery shopping from now on and stop wasting money on trends, fads or stuff that is slowing you down. 


Stocking and storing and basic essentials


Understand the rhythm of buying and storing food so that it doesn't go bad and you have to throw it out, but you're also doing meal prep without knowing it. Learn the simple methods and techniques to buying whole foods and still having things to eat instantly (for hungry moments or husbands) that make your meals so simple and effortless. You'll also go through kitchen cooking essentials and make sure you have the basics to chop, wash, roast, and grill for your simple meals in minutes and my best tips for blenders, juicers and knives. PLUS how to save TIME with your grocery shopping!



NOTE: Cooking lessons are released each week and our group calls focus on your unique action steps and accountability with implementing your dream body and health strategy.

LESSON 1: Morning foods how to craft a plant based breakfast

Mornings are the tipping point of health! You can either send your body into accelerated healing and results or just keep slowing things down! Here you'll learn my top 3 breakfast formulas, how to make a plant based smoothie with the right ingredients and how to speed up your digestive energy to boost results! You can still have your teas & coffees if you do it the right way, including lattes, what my top recommended teas do in your body and how to add them in for maximum health benefits and everything you need to know about nut milks, whether you buy them or make them!


LESSON 2: creating fun & filling salad bowls

Let salads be boring no more! Learn the formula for colorful, nutrient dense and flavorful salads that are nothing like spinach, tomatoes and cucumber. Learn how to use all the various dark leafy greens in this lesson, which ones are best raw, cooked in smoothies or juiced and a recipe for each green variety. Kale (curly & lacinito), swiss chard, collard greens, romaine, arugula,are more. How to layer in OTHER vegetables, use healthy dressings and mix raw and cooked ingredients!

LESSON 3: SAuteeing, stir-frys & buddha bowls

This is not code word for MSG like it is when you usually eat, hello nasty oils...learn how to use ONE single pan to come up with veggie dense meals that taste better than you could order out! Learn which vegetables are the best substitutes for grain-free versions, how to mix and match flavors using herbs, vinegars, oils with your plant ingredient combinations, and how to order your cooking so that everything has the most optimal flavor and texture. Make your own Buddha bowls that don’t leave you super full or bloated but light, energized and uplifted!


LESSON 4: roasting for soups, sides & dips

In one cooking method you have the ability to make vegetables taste like candy, make an entire meal on one tray, prep for your week, make hearty and delicious soups (hot and cold) AND bean-free dips and sauces! Start utilize roasting methods, one tray meals,  Plus, how to create ONE meal with tweaks for other people in the family so you aren't making 15 things! 


From plant protein to chicken, beef, bison or fish, you want to know where your ingredients come from. In this lesson you’ll learn how and where to find the best proteins, to make them more EASILY digestible and work them into your food plan and how to save time in your meals WITH proteins! Also get ready get familiar with expanding your cooking skills: learn how to prepare scallops, shrimp, crab and easy to find (and healthy) white fish options that don’t taste like well - fish! The best kinds and ways to prepare quinoa, rices, legumes, split peas into broth bowls, soups and sides!

Lesson 5: properly sourced proteins


You don’t have to give up bread forever, but it super easy when you know all these delicious substitutes that ADD nutrition to your meal instead of clog you up! This week we’re talking wraps! How to use and find the best forms of veggies to create sandwiches, rolls and tacos for extra color and flavor! You can use these raw, cooked and mix and match and I’ll show you my favorite go-to brands for store bought ready options!

Lesson 6: Wraps without the crap!





I told you that you can make ALL THE THINGS healthy right? This week we are making pizza, pasta, mac ‘n cheese, ice cream and cookies! Seriously. Yes we are! And it will be all good for you, safe, ingredients that work in and for your body. There are seriously zero excuse left to eat any other way :) I’ll break down the best noodles to buy or make, the best pizzas and pizza crusts to look for as well as my favorite brands of desserts...and then we’ll make our own too!

LESSON 7: making the stuff you don't want to miss!

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How the program works:

We start as a group on September 11th!

When you join now, you’ll get access to the Kitchen Edit and all the basics to start getting your kitchen and self ready.


Each week you'll have a lesson as part of your homework so that you can start getting super comfortable in the kitchen and with ingredients. As we get started you'll have simple food plans and recipes to use as a baseline protocol as we get into the cooking lessons. Plus there will accountability check-ins for you to post on so the group (and myself) know if you are participating actively. 


We’ll have live group coaching calls for me to support you on any part of the program and to coach you through staying on track and being accountable!

You have a private Facebook group for any questions with support from me as well as the other members who are in there doing this NOW and on-going! as you move through your plant based food journey!


This is how you see the best long-term change in your health and body (not that it has to take long) - you do it the RIGHT way. You LEARN and then you practice it, and you'll be able to practice with me right there and ask for support in whatever way you need it. Changing the way that you eat will transform your life. If you do these simple things you will see results. And you'll feel SO GOOD, energized, lighter, uplifted and clear.


Plant based eating 101 with action steps and accountability.


All of this can be as easy as the way you eat now. It seriously only takes knowing how to shop, read labels, try new things and wash, chop, cut, peel and push a few buttons. That’s all this is once it becomes second nature!


tomato basil salad and tomatoes.jpg

Anyone can do it.


And it’s worth it.

Imagine knowing that everything you are eating is real, pure and good for you. Pro health, anti-inflammatory, delicious and life-giving.

Imagine being able to show your family and kids that you can make healthy foods that taste better than the fake crap that is creating addictions in their bodies.


Having everything on hand so even if you’re STARVING and didn’t plan dinner, you have something you can whip up in less than 10 minutes and something to eat WHILE you make that 10 minute dinner.


  • You’re always prepared.

  • You feel lighter, healthier, your skin is glowing, your stomach is calmed down and flatter than ever. You release weight, toxins and worry from your body and mind.

  • The food world is easy peasy and completely makes sense to you now.

  • You don’t need to think about going on a diet, wondering what to eat, if your protein powder is good or bad, if you’re ‘doing it right.’

  • Your beliefs about what is possible for you health are everything and when you learn about food, how it heals, what it does, it deepens your FAITH that is true for you.

  • It’s empowering for you to have control over your body and health. You get to choose and decide what it’s going to be like. When you don’t know how to do something you learn and then it gets easier.

  • You’re changing the dynamics of food, health and longevity for yourself and your family.

If you hate to cook, too bad. Most options out there suck. I am giving you the EASIEST ways to prepare foods in this course. AND all my shortcuts, so if you want to buy things almost made for you, then you can do that, but you still are in charge of getting the right options into your house. And then into your mouth. That’s your job, you’re a human.

 Fast food, packaged foods, foods full of sugar WILL NOT GET YOU THE BODY, HEALTH OR PEACE OF MIND YOU WANT


Stop struggling and figure out what foods will work for you so that you can get the results you want.

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When does the program start?

When you join, you get to start your KITCHEN EDIT and ORIENTATION materials to start preparing and getting your kitchen and MIND ready! Our fall 2019 group starts September 23rd - November 1st!


What if I can't cook?

You can do this. That’s what this is ABOUT! If you can wash something and use a knife you can cook, and this is about taking charge back of your health and learning how to make food and eating EASY for you. This is so doable it’s nuts. AND you will like it. I also give all kinds of short-cuts.


What's the investment for the program?

$597 pay in full to learn what’s up with food and change how you look at it forever. The CORE diet that heals, transforms and leaves you at peace with food. Or 2 payments of $349.



You will be added to a private Facebook group for extra support from me and you can post a question anytime. You will get access to a membership site with your modules for each week of the program and extra content related to food, recipes and implementation in the group. I will be continuing to add more lessons, recipes and modules. We have a LIVE group call each week to answer any questions you have about creating your own food blueprint and reaching your healthiest body goals. I will leave time for all questions to be answered!


I don't live in the united states? Can i still join the program?

Yes! I have clients in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and more, all you need is an internet connection and/or a phone.


will you answer my private questions?

You can post questions and communicate with all the other members in the private Facebook group and I will check in there at least twice per week during the course as well. And you can ask me anything during our 6 live group training calls. I am not available for private messages, emails in this format, that is reserved for private clients. If you want to do the VIP version, see below :)


WHAT type of foods & recipes will i be eating?

All the recipes are plant-based meaning full of colorful fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes and more. Some have animal protein but not the majority, you can easily add any quality sourced protein to any of the recipes you like. All the recipes are Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy free, basically crap food free :) You are not limited to anything here, this is about ADDING more real, vibrant foods to your body not taking away or being perfect.



I have or think I have food sensitivities, or Leaky gut, is this course for me?

Great question. At the root of all inflammation and disease are parasites, bacteria, viruses and other toxic matter that isn't meant to be taking over the body. Eating this way is fitting for any condition and IS what your body is asking for AND the dominant intention of this course is the ‘how-to’ make plant based eating a lifestyle, so if you already pretty much do that, or you have more than just some bloating then I’d recommend my Gut Reset Course, Trust Your Gut



What I tell my clients is that it's not hard, it's just about being prepared and knowing how to bring snacks with you, pack ahead, or where to find things that are on your food plan. What IS hard, is feeling sick all the time and struggling to know what to eat. You will learn how to use the foods we talk about in many many easy fast ways so that you can still live your life, eat out, have fun and feel better.




Weight loss is a side effect of you knowing how to help your body physically with what it takes to lose weight AND address your belief systems. This is about knowing how to be healthy and knowing how to you can heal and change your body with these tools. The foods that we are eating are exactly the foods that target the weight loss issues in the body (liver, thyroid, adrenals). ALSO I find my clients have the easiest time losing weigh WHEN they can truly see food as FUEL and NOURISHMENT.




i'm ready to learn how to eat plant based for good!


Pay in Full


Payment Plan

2 payments x $349


Want to UPGRADE and have me at your fingertips for the full 6 weeks?


Perfect if you want a little extra coaching from me and/or have a family to get on board with this new lifestyle! Includes 3 calls & Voxer support!

$5,000 pay in full

or 2 x $2,700