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Get started on your grocery shopping now with the Food Rebel Master Grocery Guide. These are foods you will want to get familiar with having on hand so you always have healthy options for easy, simple cooking at your fingertips! I've also added some Pinterest Boards you can access here if you are more of a visual learner and like to see what certain products look like when you shop! 

Shopping list boards for


Approved Wraps, Tortillas & Breads (be sure to check for your personal ingredient preferences such as egg, grains, yeast)

Trader Joe's Guide (beyond the organic fresh fruits & veggies)



Watch this video below for a FULL tour of my own kitchen! My refrigerator, the brands and products I use all the time! My freezers, and pantry and how I organize things!


Watch this first video to understand what a plant based diet IS, looks like and how to find your starting strategy!


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Online shopping literally will save your life (and TIME) so a few ways to get around YOU physically being in the store every week or more is to find great plant based options that you will keep on hand all the time PLUS depending on the market you live in a few other options for fresh food delivery as well. Whatever you can delegate DO IT. Here are a few more ways I have create time for myself where my time isn't best used:

  • Have my nanny go shopping for me while Dalton naps OR take him along. If you don't have a nanny, maybe you have a babysitter sometimes, or a neighborhood kid who will run errands for you or could hit up one or two stores for you and his/her mother.

  • Have your older kids do it. Getting children involved with food from a young age is critical. They need to know this stuff, the more they understand WHY you choose what you choose and you don't choose what you don't the more common sense it is for them to just eat healthily. You aren't forcing them it's just educating them. The sooner they can read a label and wrinkle their nose at all the crap in our food products the better.

  • Shop in bulk and then have your husband/spouse/boyfriend/kids help you organize and put things away. If you happen to have an extra refrigerator in your garage or freezer then even better, there's no excuse to not have fresh options (frozen) a few steps away. Break down the boxes, take stuff out of the plastics, if you buy things at Costco or superstores, then put some in mason jars or glass containers. Line up your sparkling waters on a shelf and put some in the fridge so it's all chilled and ready, break down your boxes and recycle them. Store fresh fruits in a big bowl on the counter so it's inviting to eat as snacks.

  • Know your staples, if you have a master list (which I gave you) and you will know more what works for you and your family as you get into this as to what types of flavors you like/prefer then you can do a quick 'what's missing' check before you head out to the store(s) and refill. If you happen to see a new item that meets all the label criteria, then try it, but you know you're looking for mostly whole foods so once you understand what other essentials will make your cooking options open up, it's super easy.

  • Keep your reusable grocery bags in the car/trunk and buy some mesh produce bags if you don't have any now to save on plastics. PS: wash these every few trips because #germs

OK now for the online shopping options. Again this will vary market to market but do your best:

  • Whole Foods Delivery

  • Amazon FRESH (so since Amazon bought Whole Foods, expect better delivery options soon)

  • Any local store that has organic/health market options, especially when you can SAVE your shopping lists of frequently purchased items

  • Thrive Market: tons of great pricing on organic and health foods and body care options, use my code to save on your first order!

  • Four Sigmatic for your alkaline, organic adaptogenic coffee options AND non-coffee or decaf options. I always buy my matcha, reisha hot cacao, and Lion's mane coffee here. We get the automatic delivery monthly so we never run out. Use my code: FOODREBEL to save 15% at checkout

  • Moon Juice! OMG I love Moon Juice. I use a variety of their products in my smoothies and tonics. My favorites are Beauty Dust, Sex Dust, Blue Beauty Adaptogenic Protein & Muca. You get $20 OFF your first purchase of $50 or more!

  • Instacart will delivery for a variety of local stores! I just realized they are available where I live with Fresh Thyme, Natural Grocer's and Costco, what a life and time saver!