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Menu week 1

AMAZING! We are on week 1 and this is your sample menu and grocery list to help guide you into your plant based eating life :) Remember to watch and go through all orientation material and listen to the NO LIST training. Remember if you prefer to just do it your own way, you can follow the “guidelines” from the What are you eating video!


Cherry Chia Smoothie: Frozen cherries; 1-2 TBSP chia; 1 banana; Water/milk alternative; handful spinach or greens powder

Broccoli Slaw Salad: Steamed broccoli slaw; arugula; avocado; sea salt (protein option wild caught salmon (this is canned) with mustard(s))

Chicken Veggie Soup: organic chicken breasts; 2 cans organic diced tomatoes; 3-4 carrots, chopped; 3-4 stalks of celery chopped; dried garlic or fresh chopped; dried parsley or oregano or both; salt; NO SUGAR veggie or chicken broth; 2 bell peppers, chopped (OR frozen sliced peppers)


Cherry Cacao Smoothie: frozen cherries; 1 banana; 1 TBSP raw cacao powder; water/milk; 1-2 TBSP chia seeds; handful of raw greens or greens powder

Greek Salad: Arugula; black olives; capers; cucumbers; green beans; tomatoes; Primal Kitchen avocado dressing

Broccoli Slaw, sauteed mushrooms, over spinach and tomatoes with coconut aminos (add any protein)


Apple Ginger Smoothie: 1 large red apple: 1/2 inch piece of ginger root; 2-3 dates; 1 banana; 1-2 TBSP chia seeds; milk/water/ice

Cauliflower Rice Stir-Fry: cauliflower rice (1 10 oz bag frozen); chopped romaine; capers; avocado/guac; cucumbers; coconut aminos

Spaghetti Squash Casserole: Roasted/baked squash with dried or fresh garlic; dried oregano; salt; topped with organic red sauce (no sugar); mix in raw spinach (add any other desired protein)

THURSDAY/FRIDAY: repeat these recipes and use your same ingredients to get used to them so it becomes automatic. Or mix them together in a new way you like.


ALSO: I’m highlighting or BOLDING the foods I consider necessary and a good idea to just have on hand like all the time no matter what. This will help you get to know how to keep your kitchen stocked and use these things in so many different ways as we will do throughout this course. So then you will automatically have both THE FOODS & the IDEAS on what to do with them and that will make your entire life so easy :)


Frozen cherries (i buy the big organic bag at Costco); red apples (any kind you like, I always have a bowl full for smoothies/snacks) buy at least a 3 pound bag; 1 bundle of bananas (more if you want so that when they get a few brown spots they are ripe and you can chop them up and freeze in a glass container);


2 packages broccoli slaw; avocados or gaucamole packets; spaghetti squash; bell peppers (at least 4 fresh OR frozen for soup + 2 fresh); spinach - large container); arugula (buy prewashed); grape tomatoes; frozen green beans (at least a full 1 pound bag for you); 2 bags cauliflower rice frozen; romaine lettuce (I like to buy the 6 pack at costco or the 3 pack at least because I eat one of them with whatever I’m making just for myself); 3 large cucumbers; carrots (baby or the regular if you want to wash them); 2 bundles of celery (MORE IF YOU JUICE IT DAILY OF COURSE); spaghetti squash


Raw cacao powder; coconut aminos; Primal Kitchen dressing (I like the avocado one but it’s your choice!); pitted black olives (packed in water); capers (packed in water); mustards (I usually always have German/Plain/Spicy or honey); organic diced/stewed tomatoes; chia seeds (milled); wild caught salmon (I get this at Costco it’s the best deal); NON-DAIRY, no sugar added and carageenan free milk alternative (hemp/almond/flax/cashew/etc); veggie broth (you can do chicken but I like this because it goes with anything and if you aren’t doing chicken/meat it always works make sure is sugar free); dried oregano; dried parsley; dried garlic; himalayan sea salt or REAL salt; pepper if you like (it’s a digestive irritant so I don’t do it much)


Package of ginger root, just take it out when you cook/use it in smoothies and it lasts forever (you can leave the bark on); peeled garlic cloves (also lasts for a long long time and take out when you are doing food prep); *I get both of these at Whole Foods. Your frozen cherries go here; green beans; cauliflower rice; peppers if buying frozen; bananas if you want;

PROTEINS: (optional as always)*

1 package of organic chicken breast (I usually buy the 3 pack at Costco, and take one out for the bottom drawer of the fridge and the other two in the freezer); wild caught salmon

Then get any other protein you want for yourself if you are more of a meat eater.


  1. Cut down on animal protein, try doing 30% at least less than you normally do, this will make a big difference

  2. Drink WATER, first thing in the morning and before bed and in between all meals

  3. Keep your animal protein on the bottom drawer of your fridge and in a plastic bag or glass container

  4. Put some apples in fridge and some out on counter; same with bananas if you want to delay the ripening

  5. Coconut aminos goes in fridge after opening

  6. I buy olives, diced/stewed tomatoes; organic red sauce in bulk

  7. Spaghetti squash: you can cook upside down in oven and roast/bake or in crockpot. I take the seeds out after cooked it’s easier but up to you

  8. Broccoli slaw (it’s not good raw and harder to digest, so steam it or saute it)

  9. Olive oil: I buy the canned one from Trader Joe’s because it has no crap in it and is only $1.99

  10. Read your labels and ask any questions you have!