How to create a plant based morning routine!

This is the TIPPING POINT of your day with the choices you make with your foods! Your digestive energy is at it’s peak between 7-11am so you want to make the most of this, meaning putting in foods that are easy to break down, that will help you flush the toxins that were processed as you slept the night before and continue to create energetic momentum in and around your cells!

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Morning Elixirs

Your FIRST morning elixir needs to be water but after that you have an opportunity to incorporate another powerhouse drink into your body and cells even before you have breakfast. Here' are you top options for morning elixirs, and look for more recipes in your recipe site!

  1. Celery Juice: highly recommended as this recipe came straight from Spirit via Medical Medium Anthony William. Celery juice is an accelerator of health, it cleanses and purges the liver, it’s create to clear skin as you skin backs up the liver, and it perfectly matches your hydrochloric acid made by your body SO as it helps you to increase your natural supply, it’s EASIER for you to break down food and that means: less digestive stress/strain —> more freed up energy for healing/transforming

  2. Green Juices: green juices are made MOSTLY of veggies and yes lots of green ones. They are highly alkaline and help to shift your body to that state quickly. The top green juices will contain some or all in various combos: kale, spinach, romaine, lemon, apple, ginger, celery, cucumber, parsley, cilantro. Here are a few of my favorite simple blends:

    1. Lemon, Cucumber, Celery: very hydrating

    2. Pure cucumber juice: very cooling/hydrating

    3. Kale, spinach, lemon, parsley, apple

    4. Celery, cucumber, parsley

    5. I’m also a fan of buying juices. My favorite brands are Pressed Juicery; Blueprint; and Suja

  3. Herbal teas: amazingly powerful to help our bodies take health to the next level. Depending on what your symptoms are I recommend one or more of these:

    1. Nettle leaf: helps to clear estrogen (so if you carry weight on the hips/thighs this is great), also helps with hormone balance, definitely take around your cycle, supports the liver

    2. Lemon Balm: any central nervous system conditions: anxiety, depression, brain issues, nervous stomach, over thinking

    3. Dandelion: excellent liver cleanser

    4. Raspberry Leaf

    5. Red Clover: great for cleansing the lymphatic system, helping to push crud/toxins that leaked out of the liver


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Very simply you need fruit, way more than you likely eat now and fruit is my #1 food group for breakfasts. Be wary of nasty protein powders with chemicals, additives and sugars, you don’t need fancy protein powders, you can just use plant proteins!

Smoothie Formula:

1 banana + 1 cup of other fruit (I usually do organic frozen wild blueberries/strawberries/mangoes) + 2-3 TBSP plant protein + water/non dairy unsweetened milk substitute + greens ( a good powder if fine, or just raw spinach/kale/anything really!) You can also do another banana or dates to sweeten it up more!

If you are healing something, you will need MORE fruit. You cannot overdo fruit. Make this taste good, it’s supposed to!

Plant Proteins:

  • Raw organic hemp seeds

  • Raw organic milled chia or flax (I use Mila from Live Pure)

  • Pea protein


four sigmatic smoothie angle.jpg

The Coffee Issue!

If you are a daily coffee drinker we have to talk! Not because you can’t ever have coffee, but it needs to be the right kind, a healthy kind that isn’t hurting your whole system. AND if you are caffeine sensitive then just don’t do it unless it’s decaf, there are so many options these days…which I’ll tell you all about! Coffee is super acidic. Remember you are creating a NEW healthy body which requires an alkaline environment (think plants here) and most coffees are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals so that’s gross too. Always look for ORGANIC and then look for alkaline kinds. My favorite is Four Sigmatic, I have a few recipes here and here for how I use them in my morning lattes. This coffee is organic, alkaline and contains adaptogenic herbs that help you with stress, and support your adrenals vs. tax them. Shop with the code: FOODREBEL to order your four sigmatic and get a discount. AND you don’t have to do coffee! You can do elixirs, matcha, blends or reishi hot cacao, we’ll talk about that in the sweets section :)

If you want coffee, you can still do a morning elixir, and then have coffee with breakfast or any other time. Just make sure you wait about 20 minutes post celery juice if you choose that one before eating your meal.


chia jars.jpeg

Chia Jars

Chia Jars are as easy as smoothies and basically are unblended smoothies! You make chia jars, just like overnight oats, which is also an option here, but remember grains are energetically heavier so if you are all about the infusion of plants then just use chia/flax.

Chia Jar Formula:

1/4 - 1/3 cup milled chia (put about 1-2 Tbsp of chia per chia layer in your jar) + chopped fruit of your choice + seeds/nuts/dried fruit then repeat and top with your liquid (water/non dairy and sugar free milk substitute)

A few of my favorite blends:

  • Peaches + Pears + cinnamon + chia + flax milk

  • Apples + Pears + chia + hemp seeds + almond milk

  • Mangoes + Blueberries + chia + almond milk + topped with pepitas

  • Dark cherries + apples + chia + flax milk + hemp seeds


  1. You can also chop up dates, dried apricots or figs, layer them in or just add to the top. Or sprinkle a few cashews, walnuts or almonds on the top for crunch just before you serve or eat. You can even chop up That’s All bars, Larabars or another healthy “bar” for more sweetness (PS this is a normal dessert at night too). Just know that if you do bananas, they will be smushy, so best to do those only the night before OH and this can be done right before you eat them! The chia will “gel” in minutes!

  2. You can use this same concept to make smoothies in jars ahead of time (watch this video) and then add your liquid and banana right when you blend, then you save time getting everything out morning after morning!

strawberry chia bowl.jpg

Chia Bowls

Besides chia JARS, you can use a chia bowl for a little snack, dessert or light breakfast idea. Instead of putting all the things into a jar, you simple make up a bite size single serving in minutes. Use 3-4 TBSP chia + 1-2 fruits of your choice + liquid (non dairy unsweetened milk) + topping (if desired such as nuts or other seeds).

Other fun things I put in these:

  • Cut up larabars

  • Chopped dates or figs

  • Cacao powder

  • Unsweetened coconut flakes

  • A drop of stevia

  • Cinnamon

  • Applesauce

  • Pumpkin puree

The recipe to the left:

  • 3 TBSP chia

  • 1/2 cup almond milk

  • Frozen strawberries (thawed out in fridge so with the juice

  • Fresh chopped apples

  • Topped with hemp seeds

Check out all the smoothie recipes, smoothie bowl recipes, and how I use the coffees, matchas, elixirs and other superfoods in the recipe section!


This week, your job is to check your morning routine to see how you can give it a boost. Constantly skipping breakfast and drinking coffee only? Then skip your coffee or swap it out, and make sure you take time to feed yourself. It’s nourishment for your body. If you’re busy, then create a plan for making it fit in. Do the smoothie jars or prep them so they’re ready to blend. Or eat fruit! Eat something!

Already doing fruit smoothies?

Can you add a morning elixir? Or take time to sit down and enjoy your breakfast? Are you eating the same exact thing day after day? Try a new blend of fruits and seeds. Try a different non dairy milk, try making a smoothie bowl with your kids or if you have breakfast down, then try a new herbal tea that you can use now in the morning or later in the day. Also check out the rose hips and orange iced herbal tea recipe! It tastes like raspberry lemonade! Oh and yes I do use organic liquid stevia sometimes in the chia bowls if needed (usually not if you have banana and definitely not with dates!)

Get super efficient. Stay stocked up on frozen organic fruits (buy in bulk) and then keep 2-3 other kinds on hand fresh.

My always on hand frozens: wild blueberries, mangoes, strawberries or cherries (I’ll always have at least 2 kinds frozen)

Fresh: organic apples, pears, and then whatever is seasonal (grapefruit/berrries/)

Brands/products from this lesson

Hemp seeds:

Nutiva Organic Hemp Seeds

Manitoba Hemp Hearts

Navitas Organic Hemp Powder

Chia Seeds:

I personally use Mila (which are milled, raw and extracted from the seed) found here at Live Pure, or on Amazon here.

To purchase any of the Live Pure products at a discount you can get a membership and sign up using my #US11100161 (just ask me if you have questions on this!)

Thrive Market Organic Chia

Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

These brands are just ones I know, you can look for other brands of organic, pure, sprouted and simple seeds that will be just as good in your local areas but you’ll likely see these brands as options!

Menu plan Week 1:

If you want a shopping guide/list to practice while working through each lesson, use this page to master a few new recipes and concepts each week on your way to being fully plant based! This is a great way to also get your kitchen to that place of being stocked and prepped for any hunger pains!