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Jodi is available to appear as your Holistic Health Coach for regional, national and international networks. Topics she can speak included, but not limited to, are below.




A sample of topics Jodi can cover, among others:

  • Easy plant based recipes for the busy woman or family

  • Creating clarity in understanding the digestive system and related conditions (Leaky gut, Healing the gut, food sensitivities, gluten intolerance, IBS and more)

  • Mind-body connection, overcoming mystery diseases, manifesting health, weight loss

  • Healing properties of food, teaching you what specific foods work for different health conditions

  • Staying high energy: how to fuel yourself with the highest vibration foods, overcoming brain fog, the afternoon slump and creating sustainable (non-caffeinated) energy stores




Jodi Bullock
Holistic Health Coach & Digestive Expert




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Jodi Bullock is a Holistic Health Coach with degrees in Exercise Science, Nutrition & Dietetics and Transformational Coaching, who guides you in taking your health to the next level through plant-based eating and mindset practices. Jodi shows you how to create a vibrant, thriving body and positively impact your health, your income, and your LIFE, by understanding how your body really works, knowing which foods are best for you and addressing your beliefs.

She helps you be recognized as an industry expert in your brand as well as in your online videos. Her personalized and tailored programs cover:

  • Understanding what having a ‘healthy gut’ really means so that you can use foods to soothe, calm and enhance your digestive system

  • Detoxing and clearing toxins, chemicals and negative elements from your diet, your body (liver) and mindset so you can accelerate your results

  • Teaching you how to eat once and for all, clearing away confusion and showing you how to create a healthy legacy for yourself and your family

  • And more!

With over 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Pilates studio owner & instructor, Registered Dietitian and Holistic Health Coach, and overcoming her own infertility, she is an expert in helping women deepen their understanding of how their bodies really work and creating the health and life they truly desire.

Always having enormous faith and persistence, she now transfers that belief that health is your natural given state to her clients and helps them to shift their mindsets that anything is possible for their health, bodies, and business as they become the generation that moves forward the truth about food.



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