It seems like you have it all, but then why aren’t you happy?



I have been denying that I am this person, this soul, this channel for ahhhh too long now, and letting my spiritualness out into the online world, my friends know, and I can’t NOT see things this way anymore so there it is, I cannot simply talk to you about food, health, energy, the body, without talking about ENERGY and food and health and your body and your LIFE. I see you as  soul now, not even so much human so that’s what we’re working with.


I had this name in my mind and head for about a month now and I kep thinking it wa the name of my cookbook - my cookbook! Maybe it is, maybe it will be, but it’s also this. It’s my newest private coaching program for this woman. Maybe it’s you, maybe you recognize her, I have been BEING her and finally gotten the message that I best come out of the closet with it.


You have a good life. You have a husband or partner, you might even have kids and a job or career. BUT.

Something is off.

Even though on the surface it all seems to be “fine.” fine is not good. Fine is baaaaadddd.


Fine is what you tell your mom when you get in the car after school when your friends were mean to you and your lunch sucked.

So something is OFF:

Yes with your body, yes with your physical-ness because it’s not EVER separated from your soul and I can’t LIE to you and tell you that you need a HEALTH coach or to just fix your food.


I tried doing that and it didn’t work. Because it’s all energy. And since the greater part of you is non-physical, trying to find your happiness and joy from your kale salad is not going to cut it. I am not really a health coach. I’m just me here to guide you in your WHOLE life, that INCLUDES but isn’t limited to your body.


I am still a foodie. A health nut, an energetic food/body reader, I know my stuff with food but the other thing you need is to look at everything else.


Like why the way you eat is hard, or a struggle or maybe just NOT WORKING.

Or why you aren’t treating yourself and food and your body the way you know deep down you deserve and keep falling back into the same old patterns.


It’s NOT JUST about the food anymore.


Be real for a minute. What’s REALLY going on?


Could it be that all that you have in your life, your job, your family, your partner your’s still not filling you up? And for THAT you feel sooooo UNGRATEFUL and GUILTY. Or maybe your life is the way everyone else’s is but you don’t want to be like everyone else.


I have. I get it completely. We waited SO LONG to have a baby that when he finally got here I had no idea what to do next. I was all of a sudden a mom first, taker carer of the house, the dishes, the oh so much more laundry and all of a sudden my mornings of working out, journaling, doing my things were gone.

Your body reflects your entire being. When your clothes don’t fit right, your stomach and digestion are a wreck, your skin doesn’t glow and you overall are NOT looking forward to going out with your friends this weekend something is off. And we OF COURSE look at food because


Everything you do/eat/don’t eat with your physical body either slows you down or speeds you up :) That means it’s a REALLY good idea to understand how this works, how what your body is telling you with it’s shape and size and symptoms are simply messages about what’s up, what’s off and what needs to be addressed. Of course we work on your strategy with food so you understand it and know exactly what steps to take in your kitchen and food life to get it all cleaned up.





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I've totally been there...

It’s crazy, but here I was, a dietitian and I was the one stuck with a body that wouldn’t respond.

I was on the couch frantically searching Google for the answer to what was WRONG with me.

I had gained 10 pounds from my fertility treatments and it’s like my own body turned on me. My stomach hurt all the time. I couldn't workout. I had to lay on the sidewalk from shooting stomach pains.

I did ALL THE SHOTS, 4 rounds of IVF, felt like a crazy person, and cried all the time. I had ONE round that worked but I miscarried.

For about 4 years, I just kept doing the same things with no results. Until I couldn't take it one more day.

So I decided to be done with that. No more western medicine for me. I had to learn the truth and heal my own body and MIND from the inside out.


and so I did. I my gut, my body, my hormones, mindset and manifested my baby.

And even more importantly I started to understand the ENERGY of food and that all foods carry a vibration. I wanted to feel and look better and be a mom, but I also wanted my successful career, to have a family, to have abundance. I wanted it all. I realized I had to be a vibrational MATCH to what I wanted to create in my body, health, and business and that it was ok to want it all. I went from having 1 -2 cycles per year (if I was lucky at any random time) to regular cycles and even KNOWING intuitively when I am ovulating.



I work with highly motivated women who believe in the power of natural healing, food and nutrition to be 100% baby body ready on their own terms. 




This program is for women who:

  • Don't believe the doctors or specialists who say something is 'wrong' with them and cannot literally imagine putting one more needle into her stomach.

  • Know that food heals and mindset is everything and that there has to be a way for this to work for them too.

  • Knows that her baby is waiting for her and wants to know how to call it in

  • Is ready to have a baby this year but wants to make sure her body is healthy and that she has the healthiest pregnancy possible and is committed to spending a few months getting Baby Body Ready.

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I don’t believe there is anything wrong with you that you can't understand and then shift by your food, lifestyle and beliefs. You can get pregnant, have a baby and feel amazing in the process. Plus bounce back to your healthy, fit body afterwards.





Are you ready to create your healthiest body from the inside out?



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For the woman ready to take back her health & Have the a baby on her own terms

Is this you? You want

  • to know WHY your body isn't cooperating and what to do to feel amazing and healthy instead

  • to have confidence in your ability to have a baby

  • to use real food, nutrition and organic means to heal and feel good

  • to master your mindset to get into full alignment with her body and pregnancy

  • to still be able to be social, excited to have dinners, parties, and travel without fear of missing out

Fertility used to be so frustrated to me, I longed to understand what it would take to get pregnant and feel good and not have to go through painful procedures. I want you to know this:

You don't have to wonder anymore, do difficult tests and processes. The REAL reasons behind fertility issues are NOT SUPER COMPLICATED. And they are EASY to heal. But here's the thing, you have to clean up any underlying conditions and inflammation to help your body know what to do....that means your gut, your adrenals, the thyroid and overall cleansing WHILE addressing the spiritual and emotional areas NOT just the physical.

My past and current clients have gone from:

  • Constantly bloated to eating with ease and no side effects

  • Eating clean, low calorie, and stuck in their weight loss to dropping 5-7 pounds in their first week

  • Being a slave to self-sabotage to breaking through upper (or shall we say lower) limits for their weight and moving toward their goals

  • Feeling ok about their body to LOVING it and loving life

  • Confused on what to eat to exact clarity on what to eat from Day 1 to drop the inflammation

  • Hiding out to going out to dinner with their husbands and families

  • Addicted to sugar to loving the way they eat

  • Stuck to losing 30 - 40 pounds in a way that is easy and sustainable

  • Having gut and join issues and irregular cycles to pregnant with twins!



THESE THINGS, all this inflammation NEEDS to be cleaned up and addressed BEFORE you get pregnant. Yes, because of how easy or not it will be, AND because YOU need to have your health strong and fluid before pregnancy, because it's really one of the hardest things our bodies go through physically. I have had WAY too many clients that get gut or other health issues AFTER pregnancies because they had all these underlying things going on unknowingly before. OR Maybe you are experiencing secondary infertility...and this is why.


In Baby Body Ready I will help you to.....

  • Understand what systems and organs of your body need to be addressed first to start the healing process

  • How to heal your gut so you can use and access that digestive energy to help you accelerate your progress and make sure you are absorbing maximum nutrients which you will need for a healthy baby

  • Learn the BEST fertility boosting foods and how to use foods to energetically clear the way for fertility

  • Find the right macronutrient balance for your diet optimal for fertility

  • Understand the REAL ROOT causes behind infertility and learn exactly what to do to clean them up (PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and the super fun label undiagnosed or mystery infertility)

  • Cleanse your body, specifically your liver so that you are in your best shape for pregnancy and learn how to eliminate toxins from your food and environment

  • Master your mindset and work through any limiting beliefs holding you back from getting pregnant easily

  • Learn how to use meditation or other methods to deal with stress that affects you emotionally and physically

  • Communicate with your family and friends in a way that you feel strong and supported during this process

  • Get excited to be a mom and break down any fears

  • Have an ENTIRE life you love






payment plan available



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  • Desires, motherhood and claiming what you want


  • What is infertility: Myths, truths and what is behind the stories and labels of PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles, not ovulation, thyroid conditions, cysts and mystery infertility


  • Paving your path, where to start right now with what you have going on. How to clear all inflammation in the body, and in your life to create space and energy for the baby


  • Toxicity where it comes from past present and future and how to eliminate it from your body, diet and life


  • Food revolution: creating the fertility diet with the right macronutrient composition and highest power fertility foods for you and your spouse


  • Having it all. What fears must you overcome to allow yourself the reality of your dreams, what are you afraid of, limitations unnecessarily allowed to be


  • Stress mindset and meditation the power of your mind to create. How to utilize the powers of manifesting, meditation, journaling, and visualization


  • Manifesting turned up: with the powers of foods, manifesting food, meditation foods, fertility foods, and my #1 manifesting meditation


  • Exercise and pilates, how to bring your body and energy even more into your core


  • Expectation, knowing, certainty and living in this faith


You’ll learn everything you need to know to create the best nutrition and food plan that will help you feel healthy, strong and and on-going so you once and for all have a confidence with how to eat that won’t leave you wondering what you really need or what to believe.


We invested over $60,000 for dalton & then had to adopt our own baby even though he was our genetic child


Notice I said INVESTED yes we did, even though it wasn't what I would have put money, time and energy toward today, it was all for a PURPOSE. It got us here to today, most importantly, it helped us create Dalton, and very importantly, it was my teacher. I’ve been where you’re sitting and I know the relief I finally felt when I had answers and I had a plan. When you find someone who can take you where you want to go, believe in yourself and know that you will take the actions with the support you need. I'm here to show you the real healing power of foods, your body knows what to do and will follow your lead when you set it up for success. Remember, your health is your divine right, it's supposed to be easy, and I am so excited to show you how.


IVF easily costs over $20,000 (believe me I (we) know....and if I knew what I know now I would have JUMPED for JOY. But I've been blessed to be the teacher and coach for you and so grateful to share what I've learned. Learning how to work with your body is a lesson you'll value for life.

Imagine feeling amazing in your body, LOVING how you feel, and knowing you have fully prepared inside and out to get pregnant, and that you are doing everything you need to do to continue to have that baby in your arms.  You can create the health, body and family you desire, no matter what anyone else has told you. And when your baby comes, you will know how to take care of him or her and yourself so that you and your family are strong, healthy, resilient and CONFIDENT in what you are doing, choosing, and living in the world of health, food, mindset and life.





Almost a year and a half ago, I had a massive hip surgery which caused me to gain about 40 pounds. I was left feeling sluggish and drained from my surgery. I took large amounts of painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medication to cope with my muscle and joint aches. In efforts to try to loose the weight, I continued to feel bloated, tired, and still continually got hives on my face after eating certain foods. I finally got fed up of trying to eat healthy and having failure.

When I began working with Jodi, I dove right into the LEAP diet protocol. Immediately I felt my body deflating from years of bloat, my eczema cleared up, and my hip felt better than it had in years. Not to mention, my daily afternoon headaches were gone. In the first month, I lost 20 pounds and was feeling back to my "old self" again. Over the last few months, Jodi has continued to help me shed more weight (back to my high school weight!), taught me how to add supplements and essential oils into my daily routine, and helped me explore a variety of foods and recipes to include in my lifestyle. I feel the healthiest I have in my whole life. I feel refreshed in the morning and wake up with confidence knowing that my body aches and bloating won't be returning anytime soon. Working with Jodi was the best choice for me! I am satisfied and over joyed with the lessons and education she has given me over the past months.  UPDATE: Chloe now has twins! 

- Chloe Bodenhamer


What you have to know

So the thing is, the body is ALL CONNECTED so anything off in any area is contributing to fertility issues. It can be your gut, your liver, your other organs and/or your mindset. Healing from within IS the answer.


I learned that my BIGGEST problem was my liver. It couldn't keep up with the rest of my body, the stress of my life, the demands I put on it. I had years and years of exposures to foods that triggered the root causes of MY infertility. Things that are simple and easy to change and clear. I realized I had stressed out my body for too long on too many levels, which affected my gut, my adrenals, my skin, my brain. I had to heal all of these parts AND I had to get real with my FEARS. About what it would mean to be a mother. 


I thought I had to choose. Be a mom or have my business. It was a lot of old programming, a lot of silly fears like OMG where are we going to have Christmas!? I want to be at OUR HOUSE. I'm not even kidding you, you have to work through all the things. 


I was freaked out about having a baby. I thought it would cry constantly and take away from what I wanted to do, but I learned it was completely the opposite. Your heart, your mind, your expectations, and beliefs all are factors in your fertility. This is, just like anything else about ALL OF YOU. Not what should you eat for breakfast to get pregnant. It's bigger than that. And it's worth learning about because how amazing it will be to have so many more conscious, aware healthy moms out there, teaching their babies about life, about health, about food and about how anything is possible for THEM too.


It's the way we change the next generation and it starts with you. Do it your way. The way that your soul says is true. 


Today I have healed my body, my hormones, and my beliefs. I know I can get pregnant, I have talked to my baby girl and even had a healer tell me she is ready :) All I am waiting for is the right time, but it's a huge relief to not NEED someone else or some invasive procedure or to be scared that I can't have it.


I'd love to work with you if this is who you are and what you're about. I'm a truth teller, I believe you can do anything. ANYTHING. I know how the body works, that's the easy part. You just need to understand, know and implement and BELIEVE. Nothing is stopping you.






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