the bloating has got to go. No girl wants to live with that....and you don't have to.




I've worked with all kinds of clients with "gut issues" I spent years doing food sensitivity testing for clients only to find that they all had different kinds of results, and they ALL had a super hard time adhering to the restrictive nature of elimination diets. The good news is, that it's fixable, and healable, everything is, and gut issues are both simple and complicated at the same time. BUT YOU need to focus on understanding WHAT IS going on within you and how to edit your diet to soothe, heal and transform this body of yours.


I GET IT, you have:

  • Bloating that gets worse from morning til night no matter what you eat and you look and feel 4 months pregnant

  • You wake up bloated

  • Some foods make it REALLY bad

  • You can't eat out without worrying if your stomach will hurt or you'll end up in the bathroom

  • You have been told it's IBS - whatever that means

  • OR you have been told it's your anxiety or in your head

  • You might have already DONE an elimination diet or are thinking about it (don't keep reading)

  • You are SO confused about food and wonder if you will be bloated forever


Stop worrying. I can help you. This is a simple matter of not understanding what's happening in your body but it doesn't have to last. 


You need to understand how the body works with foods, how foods have unique healing powers and how both THEY and YOU are acting vibrationally to create the lack of health you have at the moment.


The body is a perfect match for your energy and this means you need to understand foods, the body AND how your thoughts and mindset affect the health and condition of your body!


the answer is in foods like this, you just need to know how and when to use them



It’s time for clarity on this.

Food is supposed to be easy, to be healing, to be fuel for you, not another source of overwhelm, confusion and drama.


You need someone who understands the digestive system up and down and inside and out and all the parts, not just your stomach or intestines. You need to understand the process of how foods are broken down, how your body uses and needs energy for digestion and how to identify which part of the process is where YOUR main issues are so that you can use my real food healing methods to correct it physically, shift it energetically and free up your body to do it's own healing work.


Here's what you might not know:


the truth about food

  • There are certain foods in our world today that are triggering sickness and diseases in your body and those have to go

  • Our government is making it hard for you to figure this out with all of the marketing, studies AND let alone the mixed messages you get from TV, commercials, doctors, and your neighbors you talk to you at the gym

  • Foods are WAY more complex than you understand, they are alive and vibrational, just like YOU ARE

  • Pesticides, chemicals and GMOs #ohmy you gotta know about this stuff people

  • The way you TRAIN will influence the body shape you create too

  • Oh...and one more thing, what you think matters :)

what healthy really is

I went from being a Pilates studio owner and instructor and gym rat who thought I was healthy eating low-fat strawberry yogurt with a granola bar and an apple and lots of Wheat Thins to studying nutrition, learning everything about digestion and healing the gut. I have worked with food sensitivity testing (IgE/G), elimination diets, and clients with IBS, SIBO, constipation, diarrhea, eczema, GERD and more and realized you don’t need an elimination diet. You need to know how foods work energetically in the body with the gut.

Roasted veggie salad.jpg

 I know the doctors are giving you the run around. I know you might have been to specialists and told you need medication. I know you don’t want that. And I know you want to believe there is a holistic answer. This is it. Plants, in an order that YOUR body is asking for. This course is about:

  • How the body really works

  • How foods work within our bodies

  • What food sensitivities, intolerances, reflux, bloating, constipation, and on and on are REALLY telling you



The Pure Path.png

The truth about really healing the gut with food

how to get your health, digestion and body back



Pay in Full $597

Payment Plan -  2 payments of $350

Instead of having to cut out all kinds of random foods and restrict restrict restrict, you need to know how to use the RIGHT foods at the RIGHT times in the RIGHT way for where YOU are at. (right now!)





There is a methodology and a science to eating especially when you are currently in digestive distress. And beyond the supplements you take, or the other treatments you pursue, you MUST know how to start eating for TODAY. And that does not require a blood test. I've helped women who came to me eating less than 5 foods because nothing else would work in their body, i've helped women heal from SIBO (which is typically a hard to figure out condition), I've helped women who were stuck in their weight loss and eating salads to no avail change their food plan and then release 17 pounds in 2 weeks. 


That only happens when you can RELIEVE the body of all the stress, and trigger foods and thought patterns holding you in this stuck place. You aren't stuck, you just don't know what you don't know. I'm here to explain it to you and show you how to find your path.


You have to know that this gets to work for you. Simple, real, whole foods, in lots of combinations.


Finding the right ORDER of eating for what your symptoms are changes everything!


My job is to show you how food energetically work. How your body works. What your symptoms mean. How your whole life affects your human body. And how you can change it.



Are you ready to be done wondering what to eat to get rid of this bloating?

How to get your body back?

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Pay in Full $597

Payment Plan -  2 payments of $350



I refuse to believe that you cannot heal your gut or your digestion. This is NOT meant to be complicated and my desire for you is that you once and for all understand how to eat so that you have the HEALTH inside, and the physical body OUTSIDE that you really want.

blueberry green smoothie.png

How about actually being excited for how you feel and look in your clothes?

This program is for YOU if you are ready to:

  • Understand the bloating, get rid of it and learn WHY your body isn't responding to what you're doing now

  • Find the RIGHT plant based food formula for you (you don't have to be Vegan unless you want/need to)

  • Lose the weight that is stuck because of your gut issues

  • Stop fearing eating out because of unknown side effects, cramping or having to run to the bathroom eek

  • Understand the power of your beliefs

  • To be healthy on the inside and out

  • Decide you get to have this NOW

  • Wants to understand how to use food to heal and get your BODY BACK!!!


The Pure Path.png


Even if the doctors said there's nothing you can do, or that diet doesn't matter, or that you need to take medication. Choose what you want to believe. I know how it works.

This program is about breaking up with any limitations, confusion, or toxins (food, beliefs or otherwise) that are holding you back from your fullest life. I will teach you the truth about food, nutrition, vibration and how to align yourself with the right foods, healthiest sources so that you are in control of your health and body.


This course is for you if you are dealing with:

  • Bloating, gas, stomach pain

  • Issues around your cycle, hormones

  • Skin issues, acne, eczema, psoriasis

  • IBS, constipation, diarrhea

  • Weight that won't budge

  • Weight you need to gain

  • Headaches

  • Sleep issues

  • Adrenal fatigue, low or no energy

  • Basically INFLAMMATION that your body won't's time to learn what's really going on so you can get your body back!





Pay in Full $597


Payment Plan -  2 payments of $350


Real food that makes sense & heals your gut




A 6 lesson PROGRAM to teach you how understand the physical & energetic sides of food, health & digestion.


What’s actually going on here? To reset the digestive system you  must move energy. Right now, it’s stagnant and not moving and flowing the way you want so in order for this and then the rest of your body to feel relief and ease you have to make it easy on the gut.

Understand the effects of chemicals and preservatives in your body that reside in certain foods and start removing ANYTHING that will hold you back from your body feeling and changing as fast as you want. 

This is it: know what has to go and all that gets to stay.

These hidden ingredients are feeding your symptoms and taking them ALL out = relief.

Lesson 1:

unblock the food flow

There's WAYYYY more going on withe food than just being 'healthy' or full of vitamins, minerals or antioxidants. Foods are vibrational beings, just like you are and because of this inherent energy they are made up of, they have the power to create miraculous shifts within you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Understand the dynamics between you, food and energy and you'll never look at lunch the same again. This is how food heals, moves and transforms from the inside out.

Lesson 2:


Lesson 3:

Digestion 101: timing is everything



How your gut actually works. And what you need to “do” to gain relief. This is the order of eating and the longest lesson because it’s so important. The system here is: to soothe, calm and relieve stuck energy and irritation, then slowly speed your digestion back up so it runs effortlessly on it’s own FOR you instead of fighting you. This is all about the right foods at the right time. What you need to know about vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, nuts and seeds so you can get relief.


Lesson 4:

the mindset of healthy

It's called the mind-body connection for a reason. You cannot separate your thoughts from your beliefs and therefore your outcomes. In order to naturally embrace a healthy, holistic lifestyle, you have to WANT to. Learn how your own beliefs, conscious or not are keeping you from the health and body you desire. Understand the energetic meanings behind your symptoms and learn how to reprogram your body starting with your mindset to truly find a way of living that is easy, aligned and meant for YOU. 


Your body & its systems

A healthy gut is the KEY to health in all areas because it's the ENERGY center of the body. Ease the energy of digestion and watch it change everything in your body. Because the body (and everything) are completely connected, you cannot heal, lose weight or change your health or physical appearance by only focusing on ONE area. Learn how your digestion, your energy, your focus, hormones, and skin are interconnected so you finally see the 'big picture' when it comes to your body and know where you need to focus right now to get the results you really want.


your food blueprint





There will be no more overwhelm about what YOU need to eat to have the health and body you want. What do you do NOW? After your body has calmed down and you ‘get’ how this works. This lesson is about learning to have freedom with foods without fear.

What you need is to know yourself, trust yourself and how your body works and where you are right now. Your food blueprint is dynamic because you are alive and always changing, learn how to be intuitive with food so you always know what to for LIFE.



How to know what to do as you get started in this process and experience symptoms/feedback and have concerns about if you are doing it right. Plus, remember you can tag me in the private group for support!

ARE YOU READY TO LEARN How to make food work for you with ease?


This course comes with:

  • Membership site containing guides, homework and videos of:

  • Audio/video trainings, and downloadable guides and homework for each of the lessons with action steps for you to apply

  • 10 day digestive reset guide to make sure you are easing into the fastest results

  • My Food Rebel recipe site full of over 70 EASY HEALTHY FAST recipes for breakfast, lunches, dinners & snacks to keep it interesting and not keep you stuck in your kitchen! 

  • Private FB group with other cool, motivated women who are going to get results

  • Access to Jodi via the private FB group


Pay in Full $597

Payment Plan -  2 payments of $350



  • Are done letting your digestive issues & health affect your business, life, dating, relationships or ability to be SOCIAL! 

  • Want to KNOW for sure that you are healthy and doing the right things to take care of YOUR health and body

  •  Are so over being BLOATED and want to understand why your healthy diet isn't working.

  • Excited to learn the COMPLETE picture about food and understand how your mindset and beliefs are creating your current reality AKA take your POWER BACK!


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The Pure Path.png


                                    2 payments of $350

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

This is a self study course. As you as you join you'll start the pre-work and listen to the first training and will be added to the Facebook Group for interaction and questions with Jodi. 


What type of foods and recipes will I be eating?

All the recipes are plant-based meaning full of colorful fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes and more. Some have animal protein but not the majority, you can easily add any quality sourced protein to any of the recipes you like. All the recipes are Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy free, basically crap food free :)


What if I can’t cook?

You can do this. If you can wash something and use a knife you can cook, and this is about taking charge back of your health and learning how to make food and eating EASY for you. This is so doable it’s nuts. AND you will like it. I also give all kinds of short-cuts.


What about supplements for the gut? 

Your first priority is the food, getting your diet cleaned up, cleared out and organized so that you can see the impact of the foods. You'll also learn how and what foods act as probiotics, prebiotics and then there is a supplement guide for you to look at.


Do I have to eat all organic?

No, but you will learn why it’s important and how to make the best choices for organic produce that is most economical as well.


Is this a weight loss program?

Yes, weight loss is a side effect of you knowing how to help your body physically with what it takes to lose weight AND address your belief systems. This is about knowing how to be healthy and knowing how to you can heal and change your body with these tools. AND I highly recommend to shift your focus to learning how food and your body work instead of 'losing weight' and you will see much improved results.


How is the program run?

We have a private Facebook group for day to day interaction, comments, questions and support. You will get access to the Your recipes, food plan and all the videos/trainings will be in your private membership page. You access all of the modules with homework to do each week, some is action based and some will be more journaling based in the mindset modules.  



YES, I AM READY find my own pure path!

Pay in Full $597

Payment Plan -  2 payments of $350