Start by listening to this week's video training and then read through any additional guides and complete your homework!



  1. Remove all foods that have, are, or contain any of the “NO LIST” ingredients from your kitchen, pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

  2. Go grocery shopping and fill your house up with the staples on your grocery guide master list.

  3. Read labels while you are grocery shopping to become even more aware of the ‘health food’ items that contain the trigger ingredients and keep your eyes open for safe alternatives.

  4. Follow the food plan below for a jump start to your 6 week program (option to just choose from any of the recipes in your membership site as well)



Menu Week 1

Your job right now is to make sure that ZERO of the foods from the NO list are in your current diet. ZERO. Once you omit them your body HAS to start responding better because you are not giving it anything to try to break down that it doesn’t know how to, has no purpose to, or just slows it down. Focus on more fruits & veggies and clearing the trigger foods.

The No List

Download the No List guide so you can take out what's essential to your health and the ingredients that are keeping you stuck.