MODULE 2: energy and food vibes


Start by listening to this week's video training and then read through any additional guides and complete your homework!


download: Top Ten Foods to Shift Your Energy About Bloating, Weight Loss or Frustration



  1. Listen to the audio training and read through the High Vibe Foods List.

  2. Choose at least one of the 10 foods to implement at least 5 times this week.

  3. Pay attention to what foods you ‘feel’ like eating or feel called toward this week and notice if it has changed with your new learnings about these multi-dimensional elements.

  4. ***Each time you eat, stop and be thankful and grateful for the power that the foods hold and how they are going and doing such great work for you in your body to transform your body, spirit and emotions. Use a short prayer or affirmation (see below)***

  5. Try at least one of these foods in a new way or new recipe.

Ex: Drink dandelion tea and/or buy dandelion greens at the store and use for a salad, or buy a green juice with dandelion or another specialty green.

Ex: Add pears to your smoothie in addition to or in place of other fruits you usually use. Add them to a salad, or eat with dates as a snack.

Ex: Steam asparagus and blend up with garlic, onions, tahini, and other greens to make a creamy soup.

Ex: I know my body supports me and my cells love these high vibrational foods. I am so grateful to know that my body gets to heal and these foods are what I need!