lesson 3: the timing of food

Start by listening to this week's video training and then read through any additional guides and complete your homework!


This module is the core of the physical energy movement of food in your body. Please watch and read through the pdf to help yourself understand what your symptoms mean to you now. Then apply any of the specific techniques to help speed up the digestive process!

  • Stop eating by 8/8:30pm to give the digestive system an added break to work overnight! OR just make sure you are fasting 12 hours. So if you start your day with breakfast at 8am, stop eating at 8pm. If you are an early bird, and eat at 6am then stop at 6pm.

  • Add celery juice (up to 16 oz) to your morning routine on an empty stomach

  • Add this vegan B12 liquid supplement to your protocol

  • Utilize sprouts, the specific fruits and vegetables that are listed under the various digestive conditions that resonate with you most

  • Chia, aloe, sweet potatoes, avocado, coconut water, sprouts, juices and smoothies will continue to be your best friends!

  • Post in the Facebook group what you learned or discovered about your body and gut health and ask for feedback or direction if you need!


Digestion 101 Guide

Download this PDF about how and why the digestive system can get backed up or inflamed so you fully understand your body & symptoms!



Emotional Causes Behind Common Digestion Issues


GAS/Bloating:  "Gripping, fear, undigested ideas"

Where in your life do you feel confused, uncertain or afraid? What is the truth about this situation? How can you see this area of your life through the eyes of love? What lesson is this teaching you? Have gratitude for the lesson and know everything is always working out for you. Write in a journal a list of what you know for sure. Ex: I am safe, I am protected. I know things are working out. I am supported and I can figure things out." Write 10 reasons you can be grateful RIGHT NOW in this moment about this subject, and ways to view it positively/lessons you are learning.


GERD/REFLUX:  “Fear. A belief that you are not good enough. Anxious to please”

Is it really true that you are not good enough? No. You are good enough, you are made in the eyes of God and love. You are more than worthy to have health and love in all areas of your life. Repeat affirmations around loving yourself and validating yourself. "I am good. I am worthy. I am unique. I am capable. I am loved." Take care of yourself and know you are not responsible for other's happiness.


GASTRITIS/STOMACH PROBLEMS: “Prolonged uncertainty. A feeling of doom.”

What are you uncertain about? What are you worried about? Shine a light on it and take the scariness or 'bigness' out of the issue or situation. What's the worst thing that could happen? Ultimately what do you know for sure and what do you choose to believe? Take charge of your life and future and DECIDE how you choose it to be.


CONSTIPATION:  “Refusing to release old ideas. Stuck in the past. Sometimes stinginess.”

This refers to a lack of ease and flow, letting go. Which can come from a deep rooted belief that there isn't enough. If you feel and see LACK then you fear losing and letting go because you're afraid there isn't more coming. Where is this ringing true in your life? What is really true? You live in an unlimited Universe. There is no limit of love, health, abundance or experiences you can have in this life, if you choose them. The supply will never run out.


DIARRHEA:  “Fear. Rejection. Running off.”

What are you afraid of? What are you running from or afraid to face? Who or what do you feel rejected by? What's really true? You are loved and adored by God. You are always safe, when you face your fears, they are not as scary. You are capable of handling anything in life. What do you choose to see/know/believe now?


CRAMPS:  “Tension. Fear. Gripping, holding on.”

What are you clinging onto? What doesn't feel like ease and flow in your life? What happens if you let go? How do you choose now to handle/see/act on this situation or area of life, knowing you are fully loved and supported?


ULCERS/PEPTIC ULCERS:  “Fear. Fear. Fear. Clutching fear.”

What are you SO afraid of? Where did you learn this fear? Is this really true or necessary? How would you see this if you were fully loved and supported. How can you choose to act/see/feel and experience TRUST in your life right now? What do you need? How can you make this happen today?


Excerpts in quotes From: Louise Hay. “Heal Your Body A-Z.”