lesson 4: the mindset of healthy


The Vibration Of Thoughts, Beliefs & Emotions

How this actually works energetically and vibrationally:

  1. We are physical energetic beings

  2. Food is energy

  3. We use foods to also raise our vibrations and therefore health

  4. Mindset is our perspective on health and you always have the ability to change this even in the moment

  5. Conscious, true self and subconscious mind

  6. #1 you must have your desire and not feel guilty about it



How do you train the brain then, how do you train your subconscious mind?

  1. Autosuggestion

  2. Repeated affirmations of what you want with feeling

  3. FAITH

  4. REPEAT over and over and over you decide each time you need to decide

  5. Keep going no matter how long it takes there is no failure

  6. Don’t be a clinger

  7. Homework for life

  8. Meditate

  9. Write the way it is and feel it

  10. Catch yourself in wrong thoughts and use your faith


  1. Watch the video and take notes on anything that jumps out at you to look at, think about or journal on

  2. Write down everything that you know you believe right now about health, your body and what's possible for you. For example, one of my beliefs is that my cells are always healthy and always know what to do with the foods I eat. Another one is I know and believe that foods heal and that anything is possible for my health and my body. Once you identify what your core beliefs are right now, if they are not ones that serve you and the purpose of being healthy all the time and feeling and looking amazing in your body, those are the beliefs we need to challenge and look at.

    1. If you have a belief such as "it's hard to lose weight." That is not serving you nor is it actually true. So you want to look at it? Is it really true that it's hard to lose weight? No. :) Where did this belief come from and how is it impacting me and my life today? What is actually true? What do I now choose to believe instead?

    2. Write down your NEW story. How you want this thing called health and your body to be, to go for you. So from wherever you are right now today, to exactly where you want to be, how does that look you getting there?

    3. You'll notice that you FIRST must know where you are going. So #1 identify your DESIRE. What MUST you have? And then how does this get to go for you from now on? Journal this out and post in the FB group what you discovered.

  3. We talked about muscle testing, so of course make sure you are drinking LOTS of water, but test with your body, the following beliefs that you may or may not believe yet but that would be very helpful and beneficial to train your mind and body to know and believe FULLY because then you have to BE the outcome of these things:

My body is always working for me.

It's easy for me to feel good in my body.

I love my body.

My body loves me.

I'm always at my ideal weight.

It's easier for me to feel healthy, strong, fit and in shape.

I know exactly what to eat to be healthy and feel my best.



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