MODULE 6: how to find your unique food blueprint


Start by listening to this week's video training


complete your homework below!


You will have a diet that is for you and no one else!


#1: Determining your pillars of health, here are some of mine, take what resonates and then create your own, write out 5-10 statements that you know for sure and believe are true for you around food, nutrition, health and the body


  • Plants are my most powerful, healing foods

    • I build all of my meals around fruits and vegetables and herbs

  • Water is the most critical nutrient to and for my body

    • I drink at least 4 L of water/day

  • Protein, Carbs and Fat are the macronutrients and I need all three

    • I do best with organic, well-sourced and wild caught protein but nothing is off limits

    • My body loves fruit!

    • I focus on leafy greens multiple times per day

  • I help my body with cleansing

    • I take certain supplements

    • I drink green juices

    • I drink lots of water

    • I eat organic foods

    • I avoid toxins, herbicides and pesticides and junk

  • Your energy can OVERRIDE things but foods still work as foods

  • I am healthier when I spend time in nature and sunlight

  • Connection with who I really am is essential to my ultimate well-being



#2: Think back to a time when you had the healthy body you loved

  • What were you doing with food then?

  • What was happening/going on with your life?

  • How did you feel/your mood/attitude


#3: WRITE out how you desire to eat and feel with food and nutrition

  • How does food work for you?

  • How do I feel about the way I eat?

  • What kinds of foods does my body love the most?

  • What do you know for sure?


#4: With your DEFINITE goal in mind, seeing yourself in THAT place in that state of health and that body, what is your path to get there?

There can be a little bit of practice and training of accountability when you want to achieve something: ex: i know that this cleanse I did really helped me move to a new level, but I don’t want to or it’s hard. So you condition your brain by telling it, I am choosing to this now because I desire a healthy gut more than doing the other way.

  • Muscle test

  • Look ahead to the end of the week or month and what you desire and what does it look like acting from faith vs. fear


#5: Answer the following questions or journal prompts for more clarity

  • What feels hard/difficult or like I’m forcing things?
  • When do I have the easiest times?
  • What kind of exercises do i Love?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What else do I need?


#6: Remember you are looking for relief.  Because when you are expressing your true self, who you really are, you will be JOYFUL and then everything will work for you.

  • What needs to be reconditioned in your mindset on this subject?
  • What do you want to do/be most in your life? Where are you holding yourself back?