MOving energies with your foods


Start by listening to this week's video training



#1: This is about understanding how foods move and fit in with the energy of your current digestive system 


#2: Food Sensitivities/Intolerance/Allergies

  • Food sensitivity tests are showing a reaction in the blood from POWERFUL healing abilities of your fruits & veggies

    • Delayed reactions

    • You don’t need a test or a strict elimination diet for months and months

  • Intolerances are more “I don’t feel great when I eat this (cheese/gluten) but it’s not super severe or limiting

  • Allergies: respiratory and/or skin related IgE reactions

If you have a recent test done and want to know how to utilize it*

Your HIGHEST reactors (that are plants) are your most powerful healers right now so yes they are safe to use, you just might need to be mindful of how much you use them. Ex: garlic, cauliflower, broccoli might make you FEEL or notice side effects of healing more than if you are reactive to celery or bananas and eat/drink those would. BUT again, ALL plants are safe and healing.


#3: VEGAN: fruits and veggies is the fastest healing modality

  • Raw foods are more activated, heal faster can also induce detox symptoms

  • Cooked foods still nourish but more slowly totally fine

  • Proteins/Fats/Grains don’t give all benefit without an energy draw that’s why we pull them out for now

  • Create stability in your digestive energy before throwing too many things in


#4: EASY foods

  • Melons

  • Juices

  • Smoothies

  • Raw fruits/veggies

  • Steamed

  • Cruciferous veggies are more active, that’s why they aren’t in the preliminary plan too much


#5: Answer the following questions or journal prompts for more clarity

  • What feels hard/difficult or like I’m forcing things?

  • When do I have the easiest times?

  • What kind of exercises do i Love?

  • What makes me happy?

  • What else do I need?


#6: What to do if a whole food triggers stomach pain/bloating

  • Understand that it’s HEALING and helping you

  • Reduce intake for now

  • Eliminate for now and focus on more soothing foods: aloe, chia, banana, sweet potatoes, avocado

  • Mix into smoothies, juices

  • Post! Let me know how I can help and support you!