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You’re tired of struggling with food, your health & your body and you just want answers


You probably feel like nothing is working, you’ve tried all the diets out there off and on, but nothing has been THE THING that gets you to actually feeling like you know how to eat food drama-free...

I know what it feels like! I used to think you had to eat hardly any food and run 10 miles to be healthy and maintain a good weight. And THEN after going through IVF and having my whole body turn on me, going from what I thought was healthy to bloated, weight gain, stomach pains and depressed I had to RELEARN health and food. And this was AFTER becoming a dietitian. My eyes were opened to the food system. To what’s in, on and around our food that is BREAKING US. Everything changed when I went back to everything pure, simple, original - PLANTS. I had to see the TRUTH ABOUT FOOD.


I started to see food as physical, spiritual & emotional &



This isn’t a joke anymore. You need to know the truth so you can heal, transform, energize and have your body on board for your LIFE.





I’m passionate about teaching you the truth about how your body works, how to use food, exercise, nutrition, and mindset to get you both the body and the actual health you really desire. I prayed for answers for so long. I want to help you accelerate the process. Let’s get out of struggle and into those skinny jeans (or maternity jeans) once and for all.


Today, I have no food issues at all. I know exactly how to eat, shop, cook, workout to feel good, keep my stomach flat and happy and feel full of energy!


Whether you know nothing about food and nutrition, or are super into it but can’t figure out why it’s not working for you, if you are:

  • Tired of doing a lot of the right things with your diet and not getting the results you want

  • Ready to feel like yourself and normal again

  • So over not wanting to go shopping and get dressed up

  • Desire to get dressed up and want to go out with your husband, boyfriend, or girlfriends

  • Have all kinds of energy to focus on your family, your business, or your life

  • Are committed to figuring this out once and for all and getting the body you really want

  • Willing to put in the effort, change some habits, and understand how to get there for good

  • Done with feeling not good enough and determined to take back your health now and see huge change in the next 6 months

Here’s what I WISH everyone KNEW! That your digestive ENERGY is EVERYTHING in your body! It is the HUB of how things flow (or don’t!) It’s super important to focus your intention for better health and eating here first. Do you want to know what your gut and body is really asking for when it comes to food?

Sign up here and I’ll send you my Timing Of Food Module from one of my courses that explains EXACTLY how your body works on its own, with foods and what it needs to really cleanse and heal. This will explain SO MUCH for you. I hope that you find EASE and RELIEF with foods like I have, because it’s not supposed to be complicated, it’s meant to be easy!




Here's how we can work together!


the pure path

online course learn how to heal your gut with food!

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baby body ready

online group course opening soon!

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