Do you want to know how to get the body & business you really want?


Are you done with struggling to find a way to eat that actually gives you the results you want?

Feel like you’ve been doing a lot of things right, eating veggies, good sources of food, even organic and maybe you can lose some weight, but then you get stuck and can’t seem to break through that one size that would mean so much to you?

You KNOW you can have the body that has energy, is truly healthy, and makes you want to be seen, but all the programs, diets, exercises you’ve done on and off aren’t paying off with feeling and looking the way that you really want?


You want true health, easy digestion, energy, and to FEEL GOOD IN YOUR BODY just as much as anybody else, probably MORE, but figuring out how to eat just isn’t working for you?

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I've totally been there...

It’s crazy, but here I was, a dietitian and I was the one stuck with a body that wouldn’t respond. I had gained 10 pounds from my fertility treatments and it’s like my own body turned on me. I didn’t know what happened... I was working out, eating lots of veggies, cooking most of my meals, and felt the worst I had ever felt in my life.

For about 4 years, I just kept doing the same things with no results.

I didn’t know that I was missing a whole other world of health. I didn’t know about being acidic, over-stressed, and cleansing. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this stuff?


Today, things are completely different.


After a lot of studying, learning, and being willing to look at things a different way... I was ready to embrace a holistic lifestyle. I learned The Truth About Food.

I realized all those people who were talking about using chemical-free cleaning, hair, and beauty products weren’t crazy. Organic, natural, and sustainable foods were important. There were loads of toxins in my food, my environment, and in my own head that were keeping me stuck. And even though I thought I was eating well, low-fat yogurt and a granola bar does not do a body good….

And even more importantly I started to understand the ENERGY of food and that all foods carry a vibration. I wanted to feel and look better but I also wanted my successful career, to have a family, to have abundance. I wanted it all. I realized I had to be a vibrational MATCH to what I wanted to create in my body, health, business and bank account.



After a lot of studying, learning, and being willing to look at things a different way...
I was ready to embrace a holistic lifestyle. I learned The Truth About Food.


You think you have to give up entire food groups, sugar and girl's night in order to have the body you want. You wonder if you should be Paleo, Keto, Carb-free or somewhere in between but have no idea how to figure this out. And are so done with waking up bloated, sluggish and not so attractive feeling just because you went out to eat or took the convenience route to try to just feed yourself, your family and get it all done.


This is not about restriction. This is about knowing how your body works, how foods work in your body and how to make them WORK FOR YOU instead of against you.


In the past 3 years I’ve gone from:

  • Jumping from diet to diet to complete food confidence and knowing how to use my intuition to know how to fuel myself
  • 27 food sensitivities to zero and healing my own gut
  • Wanting to wear pajamas all day to loving my clothes and being in front of the camera
  • Thinking I had to workout all day and make my diet restrictive and hard, for it to work, to eating all the foods I WANT to eat and seeing results
  • Hating my job to loving what I do all day long
  • Making money doing what I LOVE
  • Feeling sad, confused, and unhappy to loving my life, blessed to know how to make nearly anything out of real food taste good, and seeing all kinds of clients transform their health when others told them that was as good as it gets


I don’t struggle with what food fad to follow anymore and I’m not looking for the newest answer or diet. There’s a simple way to eat that is customizable to help you based on what foods won’t cause inflammation for you, and a way to transition into eating where you feel happy about your choices, you want to eat real foods, and still get to have those little indulgences that make life fun and exciting. PLUS, food is supposed to ENHANCE your life, not hold you back from the life you really want.


Are you ready to create your healthiest body from the inside out?


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For the woman ready to take back her health & Have the Body she really wants!

Private Mentorship with Jodi Bullock

I’ve designed this program specifically for the woman who desires to:

  • Feel amazing in her body and certain of the true health she’s achieved
  • Look amazing in her clothes and excited to go shopping again
  • Be a badass in her business and ready to take it to the next level
  • Feel confident in what foods work for her and on top of her meals no matter where she’s at or who she’s with
  • Be social again, excited to have dinners, parties, and travel without being scared or worried about how she’s going to feel after eating

Some programs give you protocols or food plans with specific yes or no items that have worked for some, or can be followed for a certain amount of time. Others have guidelines but still say eating anything is ok if it’s in moderation.

I’ve created this program that is tailored specifically to you,  based on what you have going on in your body, to give you a perfect place to start to create a food and lifestyle you’ll want to keep forever.

My past and current clients have gone from:

  • Constantly bloated to eating with ease and no side effects
  • Eating clean, low calorie, and stuck in their weight loss to dropping 5-7 pounds in their first week
  • Being a slave to self-sabotage to breaking through upper (or shall we say lower) limits for their weight and size
  • Feeling ok about their body to LOVING it and loving life
  • Confused on what to eat to exact clarity on what to eat from Day 1 to drop the inflammation
  • Hiding out to going out to dinner with their husbands and families
  • Addicted to sugar to loving the way they eat
  • Stuck to losing 30 - 40 pounds in a way that is easy and sustainable
  • Getting asked out by men on the street because they are glowing from the inside out!

In Food Confused To Fabulous, we focus on these 5 principles to get you to the body you’ve dreamed about...

  • Mindset and the energy of food
  • Enhancing the digestive system (it's the core of your health and contains over 80% of your immune system)
  • Plant-based nutrition
  • Proper supplementation
  • Having an ENTIRE life you love

*Bkr water bottle so that you can stay hydrated in style and not worry about BPA or other chemicals found in plastics to slow you down

*Alkaline Energy filled with B vitamins, wheat grass and the super powered blue-green algae to give you clarity, focus and energy for workouts or to get your work done without crashing or taxing your adrenals

*Roasted Dandelion Tea so good with a warm nutty flavor no one will know you are sipping on the ultimate liver detoxer fast tracking you to your slim shape and gorgeous skin

*Peppermint oil to keep you alert, soothe any stomach issues or bloating or keep in your bag for any nagging headaches, you’ll be prepared no matter if you are at the gym, in the car or at work

From Beautycounter my go-to beauty products company who have taken the oath to ban all toxic chemicals and are on a mission to change the industry:

*Charcoal Mask: you know charcoal is good for binding toxins in the gut and amazing to draw out any impurities in the skin, clear your pores and keep your skin purified so you’re always looking your best

*Lip Gloss (in Peony) because it’s summer! and every girl needs a non toxic bright lip she can put on at the beach, the pool or for date night





$3,750 x 4 monthly payments


You’ll learn everything you need to know to create the best nutrition and food plan that will work for your and on-going so you once and for all have a confidence with how to eat that won’t leave you jumping to another trendy plan and wondering what to believe.




I’ve been where you’re sitting and I know the relief I finally felt when I had answers and I had a plan. When you find someone who can take you where you want to go, believe in yourself and know that you will take the actions with the support you need.

Imagine feeling amazing in your body, LOVING how you feel, and knowing you have your health on track, as a priority and that you are doing everything you need to do to continue to feel better and better.  You can create the health and body you desire, no matter what anyone else has told you.



Almost a year and a half ago, I had a massive hip surgery which caused me to gain about 40 pounds. I was left feeling sluggish and drained from my surgery. I took large amounts of painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medication to cope with my muscle and joint aches. In efforts to try to loose the weight, I continued to feel bloated, tired, and still continually got hives on my face after eating certain foods. I finally got fed up of trying to eat healthy and having failure.

When I began working with Jodi, I dove right into the LEAP diet protocol. Immediately I felt my body deflating from years of bloat, my eczema cleared up, and my hip felt better than it had in years. Not to mention, my daily afternoon headaches were gone. In the first month, I lost 20 pounds and was feeling back to my "old self" again. Over the last few months, Jodi has continued to help me shed more weight (back to my high school weight!), taught me how to add supplements and essential oils into my daily routine, and helped me explore a variety of foods and recipes to include in my lifestyle. I feel the healthiest I have in my whole life. I feel refreshed in the morning and wake up with confidence knowing that my body aches and bloating won't be returning anytime soon. Working with Jodi was the best choice for me! I am satisfied and over joyed with the lessons and education she has given me over the past months. 

- Chloe Bodenhamer

In the process of working with Jodi I have lost more than 35 pounds but the most important result I have achieved is that my doctor officially removed “hypertension” from my medical chart! I no longer have to take medication. I worked with Jodi one on one with nutrition consults initially for weight loss and then food sensitivity testing. The inflammation in my body causing my blood pressure and cholesterol to be elevated to dangerous levels. Now, I don't even have the food sensitivities anymore. Jodi helped me learn a new way to think about choosing foods, planning and preparing meals and eating with a purpose. I have learned how to cook more creatively, using new flavors. I used to always need a recipe to make something, but through Jodi’s instruction I am now making up things that actually taste pretty good! Jodi is very easy to work with and allows for imperfections. She listens and offers alternatives and doesn’t judge you if you don’t always stick to the plan. It has been the best thing I have ever done and has totally changed my life.

- Lee Ann Coates

Before working with Jodi, I had struggled for as long as I can remember with pain and bloating and just feeling bad after eating most meals. I tried to “self diagnose” myself and thought it might be meat - so I became a vegetarian 9 years ago. The pain was less, but not gone completely. So, I thought maybe it was dairy - and became a vegan. Along with eating SUPER healthy and doing “everything right,” I started GAINING weight. Gaining weight, while still feeling pain and nausea after every meal. I was SO SICK of being SICK. Within 2 weeks of working with Jodi on my elimination diet, I had already dropped 9 pounds!! 

Jodi helped me create meals and recipes around the foods I was able to eat and then completely supported me as I added in items each day. I never felt lost or confused or hungry! The best part is that for almost 3 months now, I haven’t felt sick, bloated, or had the horrible stabbing pains that I used to have! I have lost 16.2 pounds in less than 3 months! I’m so thrilled and I truly believe that EVERYONE should work with Jodi using this protocol - even if you think you are “doing everything right” like I did.

- Kate Taylor

Before I started working with Jodi I was eating clean all the time but still not losing weight. She helped me understand and learn how to work with my body and whole foods and within the first 2 weeks I had lost 17 pounds! I honestly do not think I would have gotten here without her guidance. You are good at what you do!!

- Karen Dixon


Not sure if this program is right for you?