Roasting for soups, sides & dips

Using your oven to simply roast vegetables will enable you SO much variety in making all kinds of SIMPLE and flavorful recipes, it’s way more than making sweet potato fries! But it is that of course too! We’ll divide these lessons into three parts for each category all based on the simple method of roasting. So first, what is THAT?

Roasting: using your oven to caramelize/soften and cook your food to create depths of flavors. Typically you will roast your foods at the temp 350 - 400F. I typically put my oven on the convection roast setting, if you don’t have that, just set the temp to preheat to this temp range. I use 385F. You can use your same healthy oils, typically I’ll do olive oil, but you can also do avocado or coconut. Again I highly recommend the plant based oil sprays that you buy at the store without any other ingredients OR an oil mister like this one here.

You also just need cookie sheets/roasting pans of any kind and I also use silpat liners

Below the pictures are the methods and formulas for each, soups, sides, and dips, all simply use roasted veggies as a base and you can create from there!

turmeric carrot soup.JPG


Roasted Carrot Curry Soup

Using root veggies is best for your roasted soups, but you will add other veggies, herbs and flavors to create more flavors AND you can also make simple few ingredient soups RAW as well.

Cauliflower tahini hummus.JPG


Cauliflower Hummus

Most dips are made from a lot of beans or carbs or dairy and we are doing away with that! Using veggies is the BEST way to create lighter more nutritious dips for your parties, snacks or spreads!

Roasted zucchini yellow squash.JPG


Zucchini sticks

Even the most “picky” eaters will love roasted veggies because it makes them sweet. And this is for WAY more than making baked potato or sweet potato fries. You just need to know a little more about the vegetable and how it cooks to make your veggie portion of dinner a breeze!

roasted veggie soups

Let’s start with the best veggies to use to make the easiest and quickest soups. Root veggies as we said work very well along with a few extras:

  • Squash: butternut, acorn

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Potatoes

  • Carrots

  • Celery root

  • Bell peppers

  • Tomatoes

  • Broccoli

Flavor Enhancers:

  • Garlic

  • Tahini

  • Dried herbs: rosemary, oregano, garlic, curry, cumin, parsley, cilantro, salt, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, thyme

  • Fresh herbs

  • Jarred tomatoes/stewed

Liquid: sugar free broths, coconut milk, almond milk (not the vanilla kind!) or any other sugar free non dairy milk unflavored

The Formula:

Roasted Veggies + Flavor Enhancers + Liquid + Toppings = Soup

What you need to do this: a sturdy blender and/or a hand held mixer to put in a pot to blend


Roasted Tomato Soup

Roast tomatoes, red/yellow or orange bell peppers seasoned with salt/pepper/garlic/oil/dried parsley or basil or both; remove once cooked, let cool, add to blender with veggie broth, salt, fresh basil and blend; top with basil leaves and serve with Jillz’s grain free crackers

broccoli cheese soup

Haha no cow stuff going in this! BUT it’s super easy!

Roast a big tray of broccoli (the florets and the stalks, just slice off the hard outer parts, and a few cloves of garlic seasoned with salt/pepper/oil; let cool; add broccoli, garlic to blender with vegan parmesean and plain almond milk; blend; top with pumpkin seeds

curried carrot soup

Roast a large tray of carrots seasoned with salt/oil/curry/ginger; let cool, add to blender with veggie broth and salt; chop up fresh cilantro to top

Asparagus soup

Roast 2 or more bundles of asparagus seasoned with oil/salt/dried garlic; let cool, add to blender with veggie broth, 1 scoop of tahini, salt, handful of greens (HINT: to add more bulk add in a cup of thawed out frozen peas); blend all together and top with crisp red apples

sweet potato soup

Roast 5-6 sweet potatoes cut into wedges seasoned with oil/salt/cinnamon/ginger; let cool add to blender with coconut milk (light) + veggie broth, blend all together and top with microgreens/sprouts

TIP: to make this extra sweet you can also add a banana to the roasted sweet potatoes with the broth and then top with plantain chips!

Acorn squash soup

Cut your acorn squash in half, spray with oil, season with salt and thyme; roast, let cool and then scoop out of shell and add to blender, add veggie broth, salt and fresh parsley and blend; top with black sesame seeds

Roasted dips

When I say “dips” I’m talking about things like hummus, spinach artichoke dip, tapenades and other things you use to dip chips/crackers/veggies in and also use for spreads like on gluten free toasts/crackers or in wraps or sandwiches. I want you to get the idea that you can use these things for multiple purposes to constantly add flavors to your food. Typically there are sugars/citric acid/natural flavors in a lot of the store bought ones so that’s what we’re avoiding plus all the BEANS! I mean nothing against beans but they are a carb and protein and can cause gas/bloating and just not as light as veggies!

Let’s break these dips down by categories:


Instead of all beans, all chickpeas or garbanzo beans you can swap out some or all of the legumes. You will see lots of flavored hummuses in the stores now, and this is what they’re doing but we do it without all the preservatives and like anything, it takes MINUTES!

What you need: a food processor or strong high powered blender

Formula: BASE (beans, cooked) AND/OR Roasted veggies + oil + Flavor enhancers + Liquid (sometimes!)

A traditional hummus is simply this: cooked chickpeas + tahini paste + garlic + lemon juice + salt

So let’s make some varieties of hummus!

traditional cauliflower hummus

Roast cauliflower with oil/salt; let cool add to blender with 1-2 TBSP tahini paste + 1/2 - whole fresh squeezed lemon + 1-2 cloves garlic (or season cauliflower with garlic powder) + salt + 1 TBSP oil; blend and if you need a little water, add it slowly just to loosen.

OR use cauliflower AND chickpeas (sprouted) or another kind of bean

My mom’s famous black bean dip

1 package low-sodium black beans, drained & rinsed + 3/4 cup of salsa (i use med size jar) + fresh lime juice + 1 tsp ground cumin + handful of fresh cilantro + salt to taste

Directions In the bowl of a food processor, puree the black beans, salsa, garlic, lime juice, cumin, water and salt until smooth. Add the cilantro and pulse until just combined. **I would probably just throw the cilantro in instead of mincing it!

Red Pepper dip

Roast 1 large eggplant + 2-3 bell peppers cut up and seasoned with oil/salt/garlic/oregano; let cool, add to blender, add 2-3 fresh tomatoes + 2 cloves garlic + fresh parsley + tahini + 1/2 cup black olives

If you add water/broth to this you will thin it out to make a sauce, if you add 1-2 TBSP olive oil it will become a dressing, if you leave it it is a dip!

Spinach artichoke dip

Cheater alert! You can roast or steam artichokes if you want from scratch, but I usually buy organic artichoke hearts frozen OR in a jar packed in WATER not oil and use those.

Roast artichoke hearts (let thaw first in the fridge) season with oil/salt/garlic powder, also roast broccoli + white/yellow onions sliced into rings, let cool, add to blender; add a big handful of spinach + 2 cloves garlic + unflavored unsweetened almond/flax/hemp milk just eyeball this so add slowly to create the consistency you want + vegan parmesean

If you want to top with a crunchy topping and bake:

Use a food processor to crumble up gluten free crackers (like Mary’s) or just use GF breadcrumbs; mix the crumbs with a chia mixture (1 TBSP chia + 3-4 TBSP water, let gel); add chopped parsley and then pour the artichoke mixture in a glass oven safe dish, top with crumbs and bake until crispy


Just crumble gluten free crackers over dip #easy


Have you heard of avocado toast? Well you can use OTHER veggies to make beautiful dips and spreads! My favorites: sweet potatoes and beets


Roast your sweet potatoes or beets like normal, slice into circles or wedges, spray with oil, salt, then let cool

Blend with spices/herbs/liquid and spread away!

EX: roasted sweet potatoes blended with fresh ginger root + cinnamon + a little water or coconut milk (LITTLE)!!

EX: Roasted red beets with rosemary + salt + avocado oil (more more than 1 TBSP)
EX: Roasted red beets seasoned with oil/salt + red pears + liquid

EX: Roasted sweet potatoes + banana + nutmeg

So many things to try! You really cannot mess this stuff up! Start using flavors that are familiar and you know work together and then keep expanding! If you create a delicious soup/dip/side please share and post it in the group for all of us to try!

Store bought

My favorite ways and places to buy hummus and dips!

  • HOPE brand hummus

  • The mini single serve plain organic hummus from Costco

  • Any other store bought, TRY to avoid citric acid but if you can’t completely that’s FINE

  • Trader Joes’ has a red pepper dip, and an amazing olive tapenade (it’s by the oils)