Carrots that taste like Candy!

Carrots are one vegetable that almost everyone likes. They can taste very different though if they are cooked or raw. Whenever I am in the mood for something sweet I roast a bunch of sliced carrots for a quick, easy and low-carbohydrate addition to a meal or snack. This a a great tip to share with people with Diabetes as well, they taste like a sweet potato but still count as a non-starchy vegetable!

To make these, just scrub your fresh carrots and chop off the ends. Depending on the thickness, slice them in half and then the long way one or more times until all slices are about the same size to ensure even cooking. Spray a roasting pan with cooking spray, toss the carrots in the pan, spritz with an olive oil mister and salt and pepper. I also like to add dried ginger or nutmeg. Place in a 400 degree oven until softened and starting to brown. You will probably need to stir them half-way through and if they look like they are lacking moisture, pour a little water into the bottom of the pan and they will sort of steam themselves soft!

Once cooked, you can also drizzle a little agave nectar or honey over the top. If you do this, and then store them in an air-tight container, they absorb even more sweetness and can be eaten cool or warm. I love to roast a bunch of carrots or baby carrots as appetizers when friends come over to serve with hummus, it just gives it a little extra flavor and a special touch!