Check out my stomach.....BEFORE there was a baby in there!

Check out this stomach.

bloated stomach jodi pic.JPG

There is NO BABY in there.

This is not a current photo, I'm nowhere near showing like this yet.

This picture was the day of my littlest sister's bridal shower. And I. WAS. MISERABLE.

I was taking hormones, doing shots and basically wanted to cry all the time and the LAST thing I wanted to do was get dressed up and help host a shower.

My body felt so heavy and so did my emotions.

When your body feels sick, inflamed, bad you feel sick, inflamed bad. Sure you can separate it but it's SO HARD.

I went home, put on my pajamas, the only thing I felt comfortable in and took a picture because I was literally in shock of my own self.

I thought, I am going to want to remember this. And I do.

I remember I was home alone. Feeling really bad for myself. My husband didn't want to be around me because #hormones and I literally was no fun.

I can't remember the exact date of this but it had to be close to the end of my stimulation shots because at the end of that BOTH my ovaries were swollen to the size of grapefruits.

Looks like it doesn't it?

And now, I'm 15 weeks pregnant and my stomach with an actual baby in there doesn't come near to this level of swelling or bloating.

I can feel full faster but I'm still working on it with my acupuncture and it doesn't stop me from working out or wearing clothes lol.

This is the problem with this.

And this is the problem with foods that are genetically modified.

You are MESSING with nature.

You are forcing a system to grow something that isn't ready.

My body wasn't ready. It didn't LIKE the idea of shutting down its endocrine system and then turning it on with shots in my thighs, stomach and hips. (I didn't LIKE IT EITHER)

A plant doesn't like being forced to produce in mass speed or quantity when it naturally knows how to do it in perfect timing with the soil, rain and sun.

We have got to stop forcing our food system and forcing our bodies to do things with drugs.

We have got to stop trying to stuff symptoms of diseases down with a pharmaceutical drug that has NO CARE about what other processes in your real body it might damage or disrupt.

Food knows how to grow by itself. With a real farmer who plants it and works with nature.

The natural way is easier.

I had a client who with her husband runs an organic farm and they have MASSIVE success in producing crops.

No one believes that, nowadays (who says this hahah) it's the bigger the better, how many crops can I get off this land, and how fast?

That is so dumb.

You're messing with nature.

You're messing with MOTHER nature.

My body simply said, you wanna force me to do this thing I am NOT READY to do? Ok here you go, you're going to feel like this then.

And when we eat a food that has been messed with in its DNA, it probably feels super invaded upon too and angry and that disrupts our digestion and things we don't even know about yet because no one really wants to study the negative effects of making the food system more profitable do they?

If your body is saying NO to the highly invasive way, if your body KNOWS there is another way that makes more sense to you.

And if you know you have some things to sort out with and within your body and mind around your health and how you feel, how you look and what you want, then message me about my 4 month coaching package.

I will only tell you the truth.

That is,

You CAN change anything, you can heal, you can lose weight, you can get rid of autoimmune conditions for sure.


I'll show you how to access that organically. Without chemicals, without drugs, without really anything except your body, your mind, your beliefs and what you decide to do and put your faith in.

Sometimes western medicine is a life saver.

And a lot of times, it's not time to 'save' us, it's stuff we need to work on, sort through and look at so our own body can kick in and do what IT knows how to do.

It's just so funny to me, how easy my body took to this pregnancy when all the other 5 times it was a total shit show.

Same with Dalton. He came very easily and fast. When the timing is right. When you're truly ready and when you line up with the path you really want and believe in, it will work.

Any guesses on how long it will take me to have a baby bump? I'm super curious!

PM me to apply for my Baby Body Ready private coaching package. Details here:

Jodi :)