Cleansing = Cleaning out the toxins stuck inside

Cleansing can be and and has been a bit of a buzzword for awhile now. Maybe it's the trendy thing to do because you see Hollywood stars "cleansing" before the Oscars or to clear up their skin. But cleansing is essential for each and everyone one of us. If you are dealing with a health condition, then it is absolutely CRITICAL. When I say cleanse, I am not talking about a colon cleanse. Yes, the digestive system is of utmost importance when we start to correct the imbalances in our bodies, but you can't target one organ and expect everything to be better, just like you can do some lunges and expect to have a tight butt.

In our body there are 7 channels of elimination. They include: the lymphatic system, the blood, heart, lungs, colon, liver and kidneys. We can build up toxins anywhere in our bodies. Go back to the digestive system for a moment. Here is where all the food (and not so great food choices) are broken down and absorbed. What isn't meant to be absorbed is meant to be eliminated. If we continually make choices to consume highly acidic fast foods and soda and artificially made items PLUS live in the world we live in today with poor soil, toxic air, water and radiation around us, there can be a build-up of toxins. If the digestive system cannot handle it, things will eventually leak out that should be eliminated and things that are meant to be absorbed won't be.


Here is how we can specifically target each one of these channels and detox that area:

LIVER: Milk thistle. This comes from a seed and was used long ago by the Romans to restore impaired liver function. Our liver plays an important role in protecting the immune system, therefore, by addressing the liver, we address the whole body. It will help to restore function, protect and rejuvenate. If you have plaque building up in your arteries it will help with this as well. We call milk thistle an antioxidant and a bioflavonoid. It will help increase membrane strength, stimulate protein synthesis.

Other conditions that milk thistle helps with include: Alcoholism, Low appetite, boils, heartburn, indigestion, radiation, protects against chemotherapy, cirrhosis, depression, gas, skin diseases, toxic poisons, fatty deposits and hepatitis.

Wow! This is amazing and this is only ONE little part of a complex cleanse. Next we will learn about the herbs that detoxify the heart, stay tuned and let me know if you have ever thought about how detoxifying could be at the root of a health condition.