​Don’t put the word EXPENSIVE in the same sentence as your health.

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Don’t put the word EXPENSIVE in the same sentence as your health.

Your health is NOT expensive. Your health is all you have. Your health is what you see as INVESTABLE

I have spent thousands and thousands and thousands (did I say thousands) of dollars doing things to and kind of ‘for’ my body to try to have a baby.

That amounted to suffering and pain for me (for us).

When I finally saw it was NOT working and not the right path and not making me feel happy, hopeful or optimistic and instead dragging me down a dark hole of depression I say enough. There MUST BE ANOTHER WAY.

PS I am so so so thankful and grateful for that experience because it was my biggest lesson. Now I know. Now I am confident. Now I can trust myself and my body and food. Now I get to tell you too.

This other way, required investing in juice cleanses, in chiropractors, in acupuncture, in healers, in lots of organic food and still more and more every single day. It required books and podcasts and time and energy and all kinds of effort in the best way ever.

I spent the past 8 + years LEARNING the truths about the body and food.

And while I was doing that, I invested in many coaches and programs so that I could create a business that I believe in. That I love. That matters to my purpose on earth. Which is to help you all.

And when I found the coach I KNEW I NEEDED I happily invested in myself. Because I had to HAVE TO keep growing and when I have a desire, it is something I have to do or be. I would not have even had half the desire or passion in my life to grow my business if I felt the way I used to feel in my body. Bloated, lethargic, sad, fat, stuck. I would be of NO HELP TO NO ONE.

My health freed me and frees me everyday.

I can think, receive thoughts, downloads, inspirations and ideas much better and more often. I can run and sweat and move and play with dalton. I can go out and be social and live life. I am not hiding anymore.

Stop letting yourself hide because of how you feel or don’t feel in your body.

Nearly every Sunday night my husband watches 60 minutes and lets me rant and rage for a few minutes about ALL THE MONEY we are putting into ‘research’ to cure alzheimers or depression or change genes. WHEN the answers are that we need to INVEST in our own bodies with FOOD, NUTRITION, HOPE, LOVE, HERBS, GREEN JUICE, COACHES, MENTORS and whoever, and whatever you NEED TO DO to get your health and body back.

I would have never stopped fighting.

And in the end, the investment in creating my healthy body, and my baby, was so so much less money than the medical treatments. But it does take a different mentality.

The one where you believe:

* I’ll happily go to different grocery stores or order online to find good deals of real organic chemical free food if that means I can manage it

* I will buy organic produce over conventional because I don’t want herbicides and pesticides on my lunch or my baby’s snacks

* I STOP saying food is expensive and I say I’m so glad that I know how food works for me, I love my body it’s how

* I show up in the world.

* I am WORTH investing in my health with food, supplements or a health coach who knows her shit

* I trust that there is a way that I believe in for me to heal, transform and get the body I want

* I will choose the BEST I can for my body, my cells, my organs and be good to them

* I will be aware, I will always continue to learn and ask myself what I need right now to grow and stay healthy and strong for myself, my family and my mission in life

* I will buy green juice, make green juice or eat a lot of green food because I know it works

I get that not everyone can do all of this. But my message is to start to question the way you think about yourself and your health. IT IS LIFE.

Learn how your body works. Eat real food. Do it because you want to, and because you know you’re worth it.

I love you.