I got this on my doorstep....


Yesterday I had box on my front step. What's new about that? It wasn't from Nordstrom this time!

When I first lived on my own I used to love going to the grocery store - and let's be honest I could spend hours in a health market. But sometimes I need to be doing other things and keeping me out of the physical aisles is good for my time management and budget!

I've been so excited about shopping online for some of my healthy foods lately at Thrive Market online.

Let me tell you what I got in my first order:

  • Traditional Medicines Roasted Organic Dandelion Root tea: I'm a huge fan. It's a natural liver detoxifier and part of my recommendations in my Pure Start program.
  • Woodstock Organic Pistachios
  • Teecino: this is awesome! It's tea that acts like coffee. Meaning you can brew it in a coffee pot and now they have tea bag styles too! I ordered a Vanilla Nut and a Caramel Nut dandelion blend.
  • Mary's Gone Crackers: made from seeds and grains like quinoa flour. #vegan (PS perfect for that Kale pesto hummus)
  • Tom's toothpaste: natural and flouride free. 
  • Better than Bouillon veggie soup base
  • Barnanas Banana Bites: I told my sugar detox group about these. Seriously taste like eating banana bread. Two ingredients: bananas and coconut!
  • Nourish Almond Vanilla Deodorant
  • Sea Tangle Mixed Sea vegetables: a blend of kelp and other mineral dense veggies that you can eat hot or cold - like a seaweed salad when you eat sushi?? This is the way to go - they replace pasta too!


That's the Caramel nut tea I had this morning! I have another one chilling in the fridge right now to add with my unsweetened flax milk for an afternoon ice tea!

Not everything on this site is something I would order but they do have things I buy anyways at better rates and it comes straight to your doorstep.


Check it out and use my link to try your first order!


If you have questions on a specific product and want to know my opinion, post the picture or question on the Facebook page and I'll tell you my thoughts!