Is food love?

Food. Love. Is food love?

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This concept came to me this morning as I was thinking about how I feel about food.

I definitely used to be afraid of food. Like if I didn't do it right, I would be hurt, I would gain weight, or feel bad, or break out, eeek.

It was mostly visually focused, whether I would look and feel good in my clothes, and that's another reason that my fertility problems were actually a blessing, because I had to see food completely differently.

As it's actually meant to be, as fuel and nourishment, and yes as love. Because food is my thing, the thing in this life I had to learn about to be able to come back to who I am.

We can talk about using food to replace love, and emotional eating and that's a real thing, but what if you just decided that it was actually ok to use foods as love, in the right way, in the right times.

I do this. I see my food as a relationship. As ingredients and vibrations I connect with and to so that I thrive and feel good and maintain my health. It's mutual. It's back and forth. So I AM using food to amp up the feeling of love because it's love for myself flowing back to myself through healthy foods and foods I really enjoy and believe in for what they do in me and for me and because I really do love the taste of them and creating recipes with them.

It's not that I feel bad so I go and find food. Because in that energy, in that vibration, I wouldn't likely be choosing a mango smoothie, or grapes or a green juice, or even some almond crackers and hummus. I would probably choose chips, or ice cream or even just more food than I was hungry for. Because in that energy I would be feeding a feeling that I wasn't ok, that I wasn't recognizing my true desire to see my body as something that just uses foods as being nourishing and rather as something to shunt the low feeling energy of frustration or anxiety or overwhelm or sadness.

Here's what is really interesting. Sometimes we are in bad moods. Sometimes we are pissed off. Sometimes we have bad days. We still eat. We still get to eat and we still have to eat.

And there ARE ACTUALLY go-to foods for these times, and they are not cupcakes and cookies and bread.

Isn't funny that so often you hear that emotional eating is bad, but I want to teach you a few things about this. So that when you do feel a craving, or an urge or a feeling that you really are just simply trying to soothe, that's all you are wanting to do anyways, you will know what to do.

First off, identify when you're in the bad mood, or the anxious feeling and say to yourself, I realize I feel anxious, I realize I am in the habit or pattern of wanting to reach for food right now BECAUSE of these feelings. And nothing is wrong with that. BUT today, I wish to make a different choice with my food and just see how I feel.


Good. Ok, so our foods ARE VIBRATIONAL. And the reason I am so focused on helping people fuel themselves like this (did you get that - and this is why I call my course Fueled & Focused....which by the way kicks off tomorrow! 

The reason I am so focused on this for you is because FOODS CAN RAISE your vibration. THEY JUST DO. So the value here is that when you feel bad, instead of letting food keep you in a low vibration or bad feeling place, instead what if you just could learn what to turn to instead?

So you don't have to 'just not eat' but you try replacing the craving with something your body actually wants.

Cravings are real.
So real.

Your body is wanting something for real. 
1. Because you have been doing this thing and it's conditioned to want it.
2. Because you actually want the right kind of glucose.

So sugar isn't all the same.

And there are foods, that contain this GOLDEN right kind of sugar AND have the ability within the vibration that they own and maintain by how they were grown and the messages they carry, spiritually and emotionally to HELP LIFT YOU UP & OUT of the funk, the craving, the bad mood, the depression and right when you want the chocolate or peanut butter, INSTEAD you now know that you can eat something suited to you on all levels, metaphysically changing your state.

Simply by reading this, and now you are aware. And now you can choose something new.

So reach for these instead:

* Mangoes
* Dates
* Grapes
* Bananas

If you need something crunchy:

* Kale chips
* Roasted seaweed

But I would ALWAYS go for the glucose first. Trust me.
There are so many reasons THESE foods work in you and for you.

They carry messages of soothing, of comfort, of upliftment, of reminding you who you are at your core, of DETOXING, both physical toxins and these emotions that want to be released.

Foods are so cool.

Just trust it, and use it for your benefit instead of beating yourself up. And watch what transforms within you on all levels.

All of this and so much more in my Fueled & Focused course, plant based eating, to teach you want your body really wants, which allows it to heal, to shed, to transform, to drop weight, to eliminate bloating, to have ease, to feel energy to be well.


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