Kale & Beet Salad

Let me start by saying I used to hate beets, sorry grandma, but the only way I ever had them was pickled and they tasted like well.....pickles. But today I am so grateful for beets because one: they provide pink and red food colors in products for kids instead of red dye #40 (NO NO NO) and they are delicious and great purifiers.

Kale beet salad.jpeg

I love roasted beets, red and especially golden beets, but sometimes you also want a shortcut. So beets that are already cooked (steamed) and sealed and packaged ready to eat are one of my healthy food short cuts. 


This salad goes together really fast when you have those! It's colorful, vibrant and earthy all at once. I didn't even make the dressing...keep reading and try this combo for your next lunch!



  • Cooked, sliced red beets
  • Steamed baby carrots
  • Lacinito kale, chopped
  • Lentil mushroom hummus



  1. Open and slice your beets
  2. Wash and chop your kale
  3. Steam carrots
  4. Add to your bowl and top with lentil hummus

Do you prefer raw or cooked salads? I always love SOME element to be cooked, did you know that comes from your DNA? So don't feel like you have to eat raw to be healthier, whatever sounds best to you is right!