My clients eat like Jennifer Anniston



Have you ever watched those health segments on E News or followed any celebrities and wanted to know what they eat?

Well I have, and I know how they eat. It's not a crazy secret kept from the rest of us either. In fact, I was chatting with client last week and she asked me if I saw the People Magazine segment about Jennifer Anniston (who is now the world's most beautiful woman in case you missed that.)

Of course wondering minds want to know what the world's most beautiful woman is eating to get that kind of label, right?!?

So she went on to tell me and I said to her, "well, isn't that pretty much how you are eating now?" 

And yes she is, and my clients are learning the real, true simple, effective and long-lasting way to eat. The way that breaks sugar addictions so you don't even crave it anymore.

Sometimes I laugh when I think about my job. So Jodi, what do you do? 

I teach you how to eat......and I love it!


I'm so thankful for Jodi she has helped me kick my sugar addiction which I have been a prisoner to since my childhood.  I really didn't think it was possible but with her coaching I am the healthiest I have ever been, I never thought I'd be able to eat the way I do now and I don't crave sugar anymore!
- Cristen S.


Want a glimpse of how Jen and my clients are eating? Here are some of their big secrets:

  • Use protein smoothies with a greens powder, dairy-free milk, fruit
  • Use veggies whenever possible: hello spiralizers...
  • Lean protein is your friend
  • It's ok to have chocolate in your life, just do it wisely!


And I love what she says about loving yourself, and loving your body. This piece matters, because if you deep down don't believe you are worthy of the body you want, or the health you desire, you'll keep doing things that prevent you from getting it.

I'd love to hear what you think, want to know more details about eating like a celebrity? How to be healthy for good? What is your biggest health question that I can answer right now?