Summertime is Watermelon Time!

This time of year is the best time to find fresh watermelon on sale in the stores. Do you buy these heavy large fruits that are too big to fit into a grocery bag, take them home and wash and chop them up? Or do you pay $4-5 for the precut slices in the deli section?!? Not only will watermelon help quench your thirst, but it is an excellent source of Vitamin C and has high concentrations of lycopene, a carotenoid that helps protect against free radicals. You know lycopene is found in high amounts in tomatoes as well so look for the recipe link below for a salad that combines both fruits in one dish!

No longer waste money on buying cut-up fresh fruit, especially watermelons and pineapples. It's super easy and cost effective to do it yourself. Follow the same method for pineapple except you will cut it into quarters and then slice down the center to remove the core from each piece. Here's how I have been cutting my watermelons this summer:

Start by cutting off both ends so the watermelon will stand on one end. Next slice around the melon and trim off all the outer skin.

Next slice the melon in half the long way so you have two sides with flat halves.

From here you can slice it another time the long way  while standing upright or start cutting long slices while the melon is flat side down.

Finish by cutting horizontally into cubes of similar size, depending on how you plan to use your fruit!

Ideas for using watermelon:                                        

  • Mix with fresh mint and feta cheese
  • Just with mint for a light dessert
  • Puree in a food processor and mix with fresh lime zest and juice
  • Watermelon Corn Salad - like how this looks, mix this easy recipe together ASAP

Make sure you refrigerate your chopped watermelon as soon as it's cut. Something about chilled watermelon tastes so much better!



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