Thoughts on cleanses.....why I've been eating only fruits and veggies since Sunday

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I know there’s more than one opinion when it comes to cleanses.

There’s the “your body detoxes naturally” side of the equation


The people who do cleanses lol!

I’m obviously a cleanser even though statement #1 is totally true! It’s just that our bodies need HALP my friends. Even when we have the best intentions we are still surrounded by crap-o-la ingredients and environmental toxins. And I’m not trying to scare you or be a freak (well but I am anyways!) but since I KNOW what it feels like to feel horrible in my body, I do EVERYTHING i can to be a pal, and give it a break.

I like to do cleanses at least 3 times preferably 4 times per year, with the seasons. And my ‘cleanse’ might be eating all fruits and veggies. It used to be doing this 7 day detox from Genesis Pure (don’t go look it up, they don’t sell it anymore!) Sometimes it’s a 3 day juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery. And I haven’t done any of the above in quite awhile. And since I can’t buy my old fave from GP anymore, I found another one that’s 10 days long that DOES incorporate real food with it.

That’s what I was looking for. Something that could dig a little deeper into my tissues, cells, and organs WHILE i could still eat. Because I like to eat, and I really like to CHEW food.

My advice to anyone wanting to start a cleanse of any type is to be prepared. And not jump straight into it, even if you are already a healthy eater. I always do my “ease in” phase which is either or progressive or all at once removing of heavier foods, and foods that aren’t actually whole foods.

My ease in phase removes: animal protein, grains (I am gluten free anyways), snacky health foods like crackers, chips, all processed foods, desserts, alcohol, and nuts.

I never eat dairy so that’s already out. So what am I really doing? I’m simply eating all fruits and veggies and some chia, almond milk, my Four Sigmatic coffee or matcha and using my SAKRED oils. (use code: FOODREBEL to save on either of these brands!)

You can be more particular in this and I’ll do an entire blog post on it if you want me to, just comment below on the order of removing these, and what other things you can do with fruits/veggies/raw/cooked/juices and smoothies to get your body very prepared!

I started doing all fruits and veggies on Sunday (it’s Thursday today) and my box of fun has yet to appear but is scheduled to arrive by 8pm :) So the plan is to start tomorrow. It’s so easy for me to eat all fruits and veggies though, and if you are new to plant based eating, then you don’t have to do a cleanse at all. Simply infusing MORE and MORE plants in each and every meal IS your cleanse.

You automatically cleanse by removing heavy foods, heavy energetically, heavy with chemicals, pesticides, heavy with fat or protein. Just dense. You get what I mean? You start cleansing ounce by ounce, each thing you remove or replace with a smarter option. Like cauliflower tortillas chips instead of corn. Like unsweetened almond milk from a brand like MALK instead of cow’s milk. I can’t even hardly type that let alone imagine drinking milk from a cow anymore.

Now IF you are ready to dig deeper like me, then you see it’s because the body works so hard for us all day everyday and since my job and yours is to take very good care of it while here on Earth, then we do these things from time to time.

  • Increase your water (I got out my gallon and am pouring out of it, it makes me do it)

  • Drink herbal teas at night to cut off your munchie cravings or brainless snacking

  • Add filler foods like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes

  • Do some avocado or guacamole but not lots

  • Smoothies

  • Add in a juice of some kind to add more nutrient value and a little bit of cleansing to start out

Here’s what I’ve been eating yesterday and today:

Breakfast (ps my breakfast is a constant grazing through the morning): small apple, water, workout, more fruit, today it was cantaloupe and fresh strawberries, then later my four sigmatic coffee latte with almond milk and Sakred oil. (I have had banana in it Sunday - Wednesday)

Lunch: 2 heads of romaine lettuce (they were kind of small), steamed rainbow baby carrots (the whole bag), steamed cauliflower, marinara sauce and some HOPE Kale Pesto hummus

Snack: Apple, 3 dates

Dinner: Cooked cauliflower rice, with parsley, garlic, coconut aminos, some gaucamole, fresh spinach and some steamed broccoli.

I have a format of how my old cleanse worked and I really liked it, so I’m likely going to tailor the products that come this time to what I know works well for me.

Snack: 2 more dates

This is pretty standard. Lots of fruit, veggies, greens, I did have a few cauliflower chips and 1 coconut cookie last night but other than that, nothing!

Do you want to know more about my 10 day cleanse and how it goes? Let me know below and I’ll share what I like and what I don’t (if I don’t!) and how I added in certain foods on purpose to help my body out WHILE keeping me sane, because the hardest part for me is cooking for Heath and Dalton and my blog and not being able to eat what I cook!

Jodi :)