Watermelon & Pea Spring Salad

New amazing salad for spring! It’s light, it’s gorgeous and YES it has watermelon in it!

I’m mixing it up on the usual watermelon, mint, feta salad and using what I had in my fridge! You can do that too - just play with what you have!

watermelon and pea spring salad.JPG


Mixed organic greens

1 cup cubed seedless watermelon

Thawed frozen peas

Balsamic vinegar

1 scallion sliced diagonally

Feta cheese from goat

Himalayan sea salt

OPTIONAL: Hilary’s vegan maple sausage cakes


  1. Add mixed greens into your big white dish, season with salt and balsamic and toss

  2. Slice watermelon (seedless) and cut into cubes

  3. Slice scallions and add peas and onions to greens

  4. Add more salt and balsamic

  5. Sprinkle feta on top

  6. If using the vegan patties, cook in air fryer (what I did) or saute or bake until browned and warmed through (they are frozen)

Feel free to use another protein or none at all!

Want to watch me make this instead?

Check out the video below!


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