Who said you can't eat healthy in an airport?


I'm just on my last leg of my trip back home to the good old Des Moines airport - this time coming back through Denver. What I have to say is, it seems to matter what city you are in as to what kind of snacks, and meals you can find. I just left LAX and here are some of the healthier style snacks I saw:

  • Unsalted pistachios
  • Cashew and dried fruit bags
  • GMO free popcorn
  • Quinoa chips
  • Hummus chips (meaning made from chickpeas)
  • Jamba Juice (not all good but you know what I mean)
  • A make your own salad bar (which I took advantage of)

And now in Denver, I have seen the following:

  • Fresh mexican (yummy salsa and guacamole)
  • Jamba Juice again
  • A whole station with only organic healthy snacks
  • The lounge I'm eating dinner in - check out my salad

This is fresh greens, asparagus, carrots, jicama, radishes, quinoa, mushrooms, toasted nuts and a light dressing...AND there were at least 3 things I was debating about. One was raw ahi tuna and a seaweed salad and a gorgeous red pepper hummus plate with tons of veggies.

Now here are a few more tips:

  • Bring other snacks from home: things like a piece of fruit, Barnanas, almonds, or other nuts/seeds, Mila bars or other organic healthy bars
  • Buy a big bottle of water after you get through security OR bring an empty water bottle and fill it up (This is a big pet peeve of mine - why can someone get a whole can of soda while if you ask for water you get a measly little cup full?)
  • For extended layovers - if you know you are going to be in one place for awhile, plan ahead by looking up all the airport restaurants available. So what if the healthiest one is in another terminal? It's good walking and you get what you want. Heath and I do this in Phoenix and get ourselves over to Olive and Ivy no matter what terminal we're in!
  • If you have a long flight, make sure to find something substantial before you get on the plane....they may be slightly improving but if you really look at the ingredients in their 'snack boxes' they almost all have dairy, sugar, gluten and preservatives. #gross
  • There is always fruit
  • There is always water
  • There is always unsweetened herbal tea

One other thing I really notice is that all the moms with babies I see are packing bottles and snacks of all kinds for their little ones, so it's not really any different for us. Get some containers and fill them up. Not only will you have pure ingredients, you will save $$$$!!

Tell me your best healthy travel tips!