6 New Snacks to get you out of a Nutrition Rut!


I think many of us are tired of the apples with almond butter or carrots and hummus alternatives we've heard for so long now. So today I'm going to tell you about my 3 Favorite nutrition bars, and my 3 Variations on Hummus that will make whatever you're using them with even better!


3 Favorite Bars:

People always ask me what kind of "bars" should they buy to have if they need something quick or on the go? 1. Warrior Chia Bars: these little guys are so cute but hit the spot. Literally the size of less than the palm of your hand, they are made from chia seeds and various fruit flavors. I like the Acai, the Banana and the Banana!

2. Go raw: There are other flavors of these as well, and I've even seen them in a Starbucks before! I love these because well - they are raw for one! And they use sprouted seeds which changes (for the better) the nutritional profile of seeds or beans or grains.

3. Greens Plus Vegan Original Superfood Crisps. These are my favorite of recent! I am a vanilla sort of girl so I prefer the original but they also have a dark chocolate blueberry, and a peanut butter flavor as well. I posted a link on Facebook on buying these in bulk from Drugstore.com but you can get them at Whole Foods - they'll run you about $2 per bar. One of my favorite ingredients in these is spiralina one of nature's whole foods. Spirulina contains almost all the nutrients required by the body - it helps to satisfy hunger that the body craves when it doesn't get the "right" nutrition. It helps to build vitality as when you are battling an acute or chronic disease and is a blood builder. This means it will purify and build the blood to nourish all the cells.


3 Ways to Mix Up your Ho-Hum Hummus:

1. This first one is sort of a trick or a two for one. You can mix up avocado with hummus to give you bonus healthy fat and lessen the carbohydrate content. It makes the dip even creamier tasting too! What else is green though...edamame! Take shelled edamame and puree it into your hummus for another green alternative. This one I've bought in the stores ready made too.

2. Another quick trick to amp-up your hummus is to mix it with tomato sauce. I do this a lot to have as a side for steamed veggies, especially broccoli and carrots. Warm up the tomato sauce, mix in some hummus and use with your vegetables. YUM.

3. Herbs: Try chopping up fresh herbs like dill and stirring into hummus. Slice up some English or mini cucumbers and spread the dill hummus on top. Or, chop up a bunch of herbs like parsley, cilantro and mint and puree in a food processor with your own cooked beans and make a variety that way. You don't have to use chickpeas to have hummus. Try it with pinto or black beans! This is an awesome way to make a black bean dip! Try this one my mom made for Christmas this year.

My favorite things to use hummus for?

  • As a sauce for a gluten free pizza crust
  • A spread for a wrap
  • Topping for an egg scramble
  • Dip for veggies (roasted rainbow carrots/fennel/turnips or fresh colored mini or full bell peppers)

Let me know what your favorite snacks are!