Allergy Bomb

sick child wiping his noseThe pollen count is high, the newscasters are forecasting one of the worst allergy seasons yet and it appeared to be true for me the past few days...I went out on a long walk with my husband and the wind was blowing that pollen containing air right into my eyes and nose. A few hours later, I was miserable! SO....I took an allergy bomb and it helped so much! An allergy bomb is a combination of natural foods, oils and minerals that work fast to clear the sinuses. It contains 1 ounce of pure mangosteen, 1 tsp of organic sulfur, and 2 drops each of 100% USDA Organic Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender oils. Shoot it down and feel the passages start to clear!

Amazing, but I still have some symptoms . This just tells me that I have hit that tipping point of internal imbalance. The amount of chemicals and toxins out there in the environment are greater than my body's ability to eliminate and handle them. I'm so glad that I can use some of these natural remedies to get me through though and not have to take medicine. Looking into what triggers an allergy response, here is a little more background on allergies and some other ideas on how to minimize them.

Allergies are overactions of the cells in the body to foreign substances or materials. Many people have had allergy tests to identify one or more allergens. While some people might have just one food or item they are allergic too, most people suffer from combinations from foods, drugs, infectious agents, physical agents or even mental allergy. Yes, you may have an emotional reaction that triggers hay fever, asthma, hives, high blood pressure, fatigue, etc. Knowing that the body is having trouble with the amount of toxins internally, we then need to understand this can be stirred up by an incorrect diet.

Here are a few ideas diet wise that may help with minimizing allergens:

  • Brown Rice: rice is known for being non-allergenic and easy to absorb
  • Garlic: you may not have the best breath afterwards, but garlic helps to fight allergies, colds and bronchial spasms
  • Fruits: You can create a natural antibiotic in the blood with stone fruits including apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines
  • Nuts: help to strengthen the blood to fight against allergies due to its high protein, mineral and vitamin content
  • Honey (raw): contains all the pollen dust and mold that causes 90% of allergies
  • Bee Pollen: by stopping the pollen from entering the respiratory system, bee pollen serves as a barrier  against inhaled pollens

Vitamins and Minerals Critical:

  • Vitamin E: protects the cells against allergies
  • Vitamin A and Zinc: increase antibodies in the system
  • Vitamin C and Pantothenic Acid: vital in production of adrenal hormones which give the body an anti-allergic effect
  • Vitamin D: helps calcium absorption
  • Calcium: helps enzymes to work more efficiently

SUM IT UP: you must have sufficient vitamins and minerals to have a strong immune system. Therefore, a really good, clean, liquid multivitamin is necessary because we cannot get enough of every single vitamin and mineral we need everyday from the foods we eat.

Avoiding the following can help with allergy relief as well: (hint, avoiding most of this most of the time is a GREAT idea :)

  • Wheat products
  • Canned foods
  • Dairy products
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Citrus fruits (these are the ones that can still be good!)