6 Ways to prep for healthy travel!


I was recently getting ready to travel internationally to Italy for a coaching program I'm in this year, and thought I'd share with you some of my best tips on how to make sure you have what you need when traveling, whether driving, flying, or going away for a weekend, there are lots of things you can do to stay as on track to your regular routines (as you like!) Since I love to eat real, whole foods, and my clients very much stick to whole foods based diets while working on their food sensitivities, the key is to PLAN AHEAD!


So let's talk about 6 ways you can prepare for your upcoming trips to stay healthy, feeling great and on track!


1. Supplements:

These are as much a part of my routine as the foods I eat. Why? Because they supplement the nutrients that my body can't get from food. I try and do most of my supplements in the liquid form, but luckily I can get a vegetarian capsule form for travel. Look for alternative forms of your daily supplements and make sure to count out the number of them you will need for the amount of days you will be gone. I like to store some of mine in my pure in little almond tins I got a long time ago so I have a few on hand in case of a lost bag situation!

I always pack: probiotics, organic sulfur, capsule cleanse, to-go packs of Go-Yin, which is a superfood juice made up of warming and cooling foods, my workout packets E2 & Energy (my alkaline sources of energy and focus) and my favorite: alkaline water concentrate!

Alkaline water concentrate image
Alkaline water concentrate image

I always drink alkaline water at home from my Kangen water machine, but when I can't bring the kitchen sink with me.....this is what I use!


2. Snacks for the car or plane:

The car is obviously easier than a plane, because you have more room and no size or liquid limitations to follow. When I'm on a plane I pack individual packs of almonds, or you can divide yours up into small containers or bags ahead of time. I pack healthy bars like Raw Crunch, Larabars, or That's It bars, organic apples because they don't get smashed up and it's not as easy to find organic fruit in airports.

If you can't find organic, choose fruit that has a heavier peel like a banana or oranges.**

I also pack the small roasted seaweed packets that I buy in bulk at Costco! Yes, just yesterday when we flew into Germany, I was eating my seaweed while everyone around me was eating paninis, bread, pizza, danishes and did I mention - bread??

If you're in the car - anything is game, bring a cooler and pack it full of veggies, fruits, water, hard boiled eggs, individual packs of hummus, guacamole or even regular sizes if you have the space!


3. Look up your choices for the airport you fly through:

Today all of the airports have websites and apps, and you can usually search for restaurant and food choices using filters like vegan, vegetarian, and other food styles. I like to search for the vegetarian ones, even though I eat some meat, because they are VEGETABLE DENSE! Which is what you want when traveling so you aren't hungry 5 minutes after you eat and then looking for something else, which will likely be something processed and packaged.

Even if the place you want to eat isn't in your terminal - go on a walk!! You've likely been sitting for hours in a small little seat anyhow and your body wants to move! Pack your comfortable shoes while you travel so you can walk to where you want to go, and even burn excess layer time by staying active and exploring the airport.


4. Call your resort or hotel ahead:

I've been working with a contact at my hotel in Italy for a few weeks before I arrived and she's been so helpful in helping to tell me what places will be close to my conference that I can go to for lunch while I have a break. I also checked out the website and restaurant options of the hotel itself and found the places that have things I'll like. They post their menus online so there's no reason to wonder....

I simply asked for heavy vegetable options as I am dairy-free and gluten-free as well. You can pick your hotel based on things they offer if needed. The one I'm staying at puts a high emphasis on health and food and even has a juice bar inside!


5. Websites:

My littlest sister told me about this website called: happycow.net. She is vegan so it's a search tool for you if you really want to be all in on the veggies. This site gives locations, menus and reviews from real customers about the food and their experiences. Of course, using google will also let you search for the area you'll be traveling to.


6. Carry essential oils with you:

I don't leave home without these! The ones I always keep in my carry-on during travel are peppermint, lavendar, lemon, grapefruit, and Theives oil.

Peppermint is amazing for travel because it helps with digestion. The change in altitude and oxygen drop often leaves you bloated on airplanes, so putting a few drops in your water or rubbing it on your stomach is helpful.

Lemon is a cleanser and if you can't travel with your lemons for your morning lemon water, this is a good substitute! Also tastes good....

Lavender is calming and can help you relax in those sometimes uncomfortable seats or environments with lots of other people around. Or if you hear a crying child, offer some to them and everyone will thank you!

Grapefruit I love for my water or sparkling water and is a great flavor enhancer when you want to enjoy something other than plain water. And remember it's a metabolism booster too!

Theives oil is a great blend that helps fight germs, viruses and bacteria. This one I always spray around me on the airplane, or put a few drops on my hands and really breathe it in. Everytime I use this, people notice it. They can smell it and most of them like the slightly cinnamon, warm scent, however listen to this:

On my last flight to Germany, a woman got up before we took off, found the flight attendant and wanted her to come and smell what she smelled because she was worried about the plane having a fuel leak! Not the case at all, I showed them my oil and I was happily free of getting sick!