7 Day Detox Results: They're crazy good!


You've heard me talk about detoxing and my green juices before, and today I want to tell you about the results from my favorite 7 day detox program!

I just finished it Wednesday, this is the third time I've done it - I believe it's a great idea once each season. Let me tell you, it's way easier now having gone through it, and I know part of that is because I have been doing a lot more meditations and focusing on my thoughts.

I want to share the results from a friend of mine who just finished her detox a week before mine! She's also done it before, check out her story, it's amazing what 7 days will do with organized nutrition!


"I just got done with the 7 day detox. I suffer from lactose intolerance, lots of bloating, stomach cramping, swollen feet - all sorts of awful stuff that seems to be food/digestive related. After the detox, I feel like a new person. I ran without stomach pains and I just feel clean and light, and pain free. I hadn't run in a while without having to stop and use the restroom during the run. After the detox, I got though a fast 4 miles with no stomach issues. I was tired during the detox as I find it hard to sleep sometimes when I am hungry. You are cleansing your system after all. The end result is such a clean, fresh feeling. For me, it was a great jump start to the 20 pounds I hope to lose. However, I just feel so much better in my tummy, that the 5 pounds I lost in the detox are nothing compared to how much better I feel. It is amazing though as when I follow the weight watchers program fanatically, I never lose more than one pound in a week. So, it was amazing for me to lose 5-6 pounds in a single week doing the detox. It was a difficult week, especially on the weekend out with friends and only being able to eat a salad and only drink water, but the results were worth it. I feel like a new woman."


Isn't that cool? What I noticed for myself was my stomach felt so light and clean, and I lost 3-4 pounds. Toxins get stuck inside of us, so it's smart to get them out! I love this detox because you still get some meals where you are eating whole foods, it makes it totally doable. Plus you are cleansing all 7 channels of elimination - very important.

Have you ever done a detox or a juice cleanse? Post below and let me know what you do to make sure your system stays clean!