The 1 Single Thing that saved my life during pregnancy!


I am so blessed to be an auntie to my sister's three gorgeous kids! And I've been close enough to my sister, living in the same city and working together in my studio to hear about some of the struggles of pregnancy. Today, I asked her, actually, she asked me, if she could write a guest blog to share with all the women out there who are pregnant. We see lots of you in the studio in our prenatal classes, and during pregnancy as in the rest of life, it's important that you are giving your body what it needs both with nutrition and physically and mentally. Kelly wrote this blog to share how she was able to feel a huge difference in energy during her third pregnancy in hopes of helping all of you tired mamas and mamas to be.

PS: I take this everyday too, it's one of my favorite things and delicious!


Kelly wrote:

"Everybody knows that early on in pregnancy you feel so fatigued that you cannot function. Going to bed at 7pm seems normal, it's like you wake up and never get enough energy or motivation to do things you normally would. And if you have any other children, it's hard to keep up with them, and for some people this drags out the ENTIRE time.

With my third pregnancy with Lena, my life was SAVED by an organic energy drink, literally called ENERGY. I knew this product was safe for myself and my baby and didn't hesitate to take it on a daily basis. At first I just used it before exercise, but then realized it was just as vital to my daily life and my physical and mental well-being.

When I was pregnant with Halle, I couldn't even walk on the treadmill I had to keep stopping and hold on to the sides. Jodi wouldn't go on a walk with me because I was a slow poke. It wasn't like I was running marathons, but I couldn't even clean up the kitchen after dinner.

I love this product because it uses my stored energy and releases it, instead of being a stimulant. There's no crash, because it's natural. I took it everyday without fail, 100% of the time during my pregnancy and still today. It's one of my absolute favorites. Nobody should ever buy one of those sugary energy drinks in a can because they do more damage than good, whether you're pregnant or not. I never caffeine or feel the need to find an artificial boost. Even being sleep deprived with an infant and two kids I'm able to get through my days with positivity and a less drained state of mind.

I believe that in all areas of life, what you put into your body makes a difference, so this fits in right along with my philosophy and I would never go back to anything else. So all you pregnant mothers-to-be, this is worth a try, you'll love and never stop! As soon as I'm done breastfeeding, I cannot wait to cleanse so that I feel the effects even more."


The product is called Energy, made with wheatgrass, blue-green algae, spirulina, loads of B vitamins and amino acids, even an adrenal blend. Like Kelly said, it's amazing to be able to drink something that literally works like this in your body and be safe enough for pregnant women, children and everyone else.