How to know what to eat to get the BODY you WANT!

Isn't food so interesting? You sometimes love it and sometimes hate it. The problem happens when you give food all the power, to either make your body healthy and fit and thin or bloated and stuck and overweight.


There is a way for you to line up with foods, to be happy about the foods you eat and like the way you're eating AND have the body you want. Want to know how? Then watch this video I did live on Facebook to get clear on the steps you really need to understand so that you know exactly why you aren't living in your dream body at this very moment!


In this video I talk about:

  • How the inner battle in your mind about what or if you should eat something is literally keeping your body from changing
  • How you can know where to start with food to be able to shift out of stuck and start to create change
  • What to do to get to the place where you know exactly what YOU need to eat to get your dream body!

The way your thoughts and beliefs influence your body is HUGE! If you want to know how to use your mind and food to get healthier, toned and stay at your ideal weight like all the time, then apply for one of my 1:1 coaching spots here!


Remember you get to have the body you want. It's your divine right.

Jodi BullockComment