Today I called my Grandma to tell her how to heal my Grandpa's Alzheimer's

Today I called my grandma to tell her how to help my grandpa heal his alzheimer's disease.



I should have done it 6 months ago when I learned how. But it's never too late to heal to whatever extent you can.



Yesterday I got an email in my inbox with the subject line:

"I need your help"



It was from Anthony, my friend Anthony, who doesn't know me (although he did like one of my Instagram posts) 😊



He's the Medical Medium.



He basically has helped me tie all the pieces of food, health and nutrition together 100% and erased all doubt, fear or insecurities around the body and disease that I ever had.



Because he knows the TRUTH. Because it came from GOD.

He's been hearing the Spirit of Compassion in his ear since he was 4 years old and he has learned the real reason behind every single condition there is, and he's telling people, as many as he can but it's still not fast enough.



That's why he emailed (me).



Because I get it. I have been in constant search for answers ever since my body tanked from IVF. What the hell was happening to me? Well I know.



Toxins, chemicals, stagnant liver, poor digestion.



Why was I infertile?



The same reason all people are: toxins, not enough literal energy in the body to grow (and deliver) a baby, wrong foods, and all the years of telling your body "don't get pregnant"



Why have I been on this path working with so many people who have CHRONIC inflammatory diseases? Things that there is no cure for, that are mysteries?



So that I could put all the pieces together and have the ability to tell you.



The foods, the gut, the fatigue, the skin issues, the migraines...all of it.



It all makes complete sense. I've read every one of his books inside and out and I basically carry them around wherever I go. I have studied and listened to all of his podcasts.



So that I get it. I see it. I know it.



I can put it together for you. It doesn't matter what you have right now or what your body is or isn't doing. Because it's all changeable.



You put the right foods in the body for the right systems and they do their job. Your job is to be willing to hear this, to be willing to receive it, to believe it could be true for you, that it can be all ok, that it's not scary or a mystery anymore.



The issue behind Alzheimer's disease is Mercury poisoning.



The brain is poisoned, the liver can't do anymore, the nerves are hot, and we ALL have mercury in our bodies, more and more with the environment and foods they way they are. AND guess what?



It will NEVER be eliminated unless you eat the right combinations to purge it out safely. So that's what we have to do. For this and for all other health problems.



Purge. Cleanse. Detox. Detox. Detox.



Take out the bad, put in the good and let it do it's thing.



If you can't believe that anything is curable, fixable, healable then borrow my faith. Because it's really strong. I KNOW what is true and when you KNOW it, it's yours.



Things I've seen healed by this complete philosophy:

*Infertility (more than 2 clients are pregnant)


*Joint pain





*Adrenal fatigue

*Resistant weight loss


*Bazillions of food sensitivities


Remember this, the food is both the problem and the solution, so CHOOSE wisely. It makes all the difference.


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