Ask your body what it's holding have all the answers inside

There were many many times in my life when I felt my body was out of shape or feeling a few more pounds than my happy weight that I would take it to the extreme and get super restrictive and take all these things away from myself:


Well I'm not eating:

  • Sweets
  • Pretzels
  • Crackers

so I will get back in shape and drop this weight.

Almost like a "so there" mentality toward my own body. So there, I'm taking all of this away from you, because you are bad, you are not being the way I want you to be. I'd restrict and then push myself even harder to workout for longer amounts of time. MORE cardio of course, at least 90 minutes a day, and then other things on top of it, abs, legs, all pilates and toning inspired stuff but that's what I would do.


All of that energy is a battle. It's a fight. You are fighting with your own self. And it's so exhausting. It's tiring and you will never win this way. Sure you can force yourself to do things and "make" it happen but it doesn't last. Because it's not authentic, real or even YOU.


That's not the way any of this is supposed to be. A fight to be healthy, a fight to feel and look good. Those are all desires you get to have but you have to come at it the right way. From love, not hate.


I'm a firm believer that we have all of our answers, and it took me a long time to see this, I would go from coach to coach to find my solutions but really I knew all along what I needed to do. Just be me, and do what I wanted to do :) And with my body I didn't always know what to do with food. Because there is so much garbage out there and even a lot of really good content but it does all sort of create confusion when you aren't certain. Today I am certain of what foods work for me and in me, and I know the way to eat if I want a better physical result in my body (the 'doing' of this is another story altogether for us though!)


But lately I've been feeling that something is off, something isn't right because it's all felt 'hard' and I know that isn't truth. I was doing the things: smoothies, organic foods, tons of plants, no processed foods, even the good ones that I have no issues with having, just wanting to feel lighter and better in my own body. But it wasn't working. And I was literally walking on my treadmill and just hit the big red stop button because I could feel it was pointless.


And it isn't fully pointless of course because exercise is exercise and you eating salads and fruit IS healthy and beneficial to your cells but don't you also want the flowy results? I know I do. So I knew something was off in my mind so I stopped. And I sat my butt down on my workout room floor and got out my journal. Did you know your journal is like your best friend for life?


I decided to just ask my body what was going on, what it was holding onto and what it needed me to know/see or hear:

I wrote this exactly to start:

OK body, it's me and you, no one else. Tell me. WTF is going on with us? Because I want to line up with you and I feel like we aren't on the same page and honestly I am pissed because you aren't responding to me, talk to me.


And it all poured out. The voice of my body sounded differently than mine and I could clearly hear it. And I wrote it all out. It told me it was mad, that I said I was going to do things and then I didn't (this is with food and life) and that I am not hydrating it well, and I didn't FULLY stop drinking wine. I don't know what it is with that, but I think my extra 'sensitivity' to alcohol is a way of my body and soul guiding me to cut it out fully and forever. And I kept trying to make it work because it made me feel like I fit in. I had been associated it with having fun with friends or date nights or celebrations but in reality it just makes me feel like literal shit. IT doesn't fit in with me at all. Not in anyway. It's one of those I can't un-know what I know things.


And my body went on to tell me all these things: I just push and push and push, I am never happy, I try to make it do hard things, like a cleanse (ahem) or eat all fruits and veggies, or any number of other crazy things I have done in my life. I am embarrassed of it, I sigh when I look in the mirror, I don't LISTEN TO IT. It told me it is ALWAYS trying to talk to me and I can't stand looking at it half the time. This went on for pages and about my whole life, it was all built up inside. Until it was done. And I told it I wanted to be friends, that I loved it and I was very sorry.


It was all true. I never really had peace. I never really had the you just get to eat the way you want and have this happy good feeling body (Wait I lied, I did have that last summer about a year ago exactly interestingly and it wasn't anything I did with food that I wasn't already doing. It was my energy) And I had lost that energy. Of LOVE. I'll tell you more about that :)


You have all the answers. These are the things you need to work through to get to the other side. Figuring out YOUR way of eating well that nourishes you and heals you physically and emotionally. And all of the things inside you telling you stories about why it just can't be easy. Why you can't just have peace, you can't just eat the way you LOVE and want to eat AND get the body results. That is what's available to you and all of us.


Your job is to see the real things you need to see, and then move through them all. One by one, figuring out the way to make food easy, to find peace with it, to not hate sugar, or any certain food or your body. It won't work that way. If you want it to be real, it has to come from love.


The way it happens is when you see that your food just gets to be food, it's not a 'thing' you do for 6 weeks or even 7 days. It's all you do. It's who you are. It's your constant and consistent feeding ritual and way of loving yourself. If you can do just ONE thing that would get you amazing results:

ok 2:

>>>Eat when you're hungry

>>>choose out of love, choose your foods from a place of love


If this is what you need, then send me a message about my private coaching package. 3 months, to find your clarity to do your work in the kitchen, in the gym, in your journal and clear it all up. And be free. Because food is love and a tool we have to create and it's not a battle to fight.

This is for the mom entrepreneur. You have a family, work and you aren't happy with your health, body or the way your family is eating. You know it matters and you want to do better, but it's OVERWHELMING. And that overwhelm is just adding to your stress and being carried in your body.


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