Why Eating Salads is not working for you at all

Guess what?

MOST of the time when I work with clients, it's not that they are eating too much, it's that they aren't eating ENOUGH and that leads to a binge or grabbing something convenient (but not healthy or valuable to you) that is the real issue.


There are so many food myths and rules you guys! And this blog is ready to bust up two I see a lot of:


#1: Eating salads will help me drop weight


#2: I have to eat less to get the results


#2.5: I have to focus on protein the most



If I had to choose between having chicken on my salad or extra cups of something else....watch the video, I would not be choosing the chicken.

Watch the video below to find out why your salads are leaving you short of your goals and what they need to look like INSTEAD so your body actually gets what it needs. Listen to how you really just need the food formulas for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to get the healthy results you want.

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Everything in life is physical/practical and spiritual and emotional so when you see your health and body from all sides, you clear the way to feeling good. To looking good, to having confidence in this very very important area!

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