Best foods to eat when you feel STUCK & How to do your own at home juice cleanse for only $18!!

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We all feel stuck sometimes. Maybe it's because you ate sugar, or maybe you went out for dinner and ate too much or you feel tired or drained or emotionally sluggish. Either way, there are ALWAYS ways to pair up your diet to where you are and get things moving the way you want!

In my FB group Food Rebels right now we are doing a 7 day Fruit & Veggie Challenge which means you are eating ONLY: fruits, veggies, herbs, seeds in all various combinations for a week. It's super powerful to do. So I wrote this up to show you how to incorporate a little juice cleanse if you are a super go getter and want to do some extra homework for your cells.

Best foods to use if/when you feel stuck:

Leafy Greens
Red Leaf/Green Leaf
Butter lettuce



So it makes sense that a quick influx of juicing can help you feel better fast. Because you are likely having all of the above foods plus a few more and in the liquid nutrient form, which makes things move fast AND lots of water.


How to improvise a mini juice cleanse on your own:
AM: Pure celery juice perfectly timed at this time of day (you need a full bundle)

#2: Use the large Suja Mighty Greens (there will be 4 servings in one large container)

#3: Same as #2

#4: Make a batch of cucumber/celery/parsley (32 oz: probably 2 bundles of celery; 1 large bundle parsely; 1 large or 2 medium cucumbers)

#5: Lemon Love (also Suja) I also make this myself sometimes: filtered alkaline water + cayenne + pure organic lemon juice concentrate +stevia

#6: You might be full and want to stop. Here is what I usually do here:

Option 1: raw romaine leaves and a few cucumber slices and watermelon

Option 2: veggie broth and kelp flakes, romaine

Option 3: your own homemade almond milk with dates/water/vanilla

Make sure you drink at least 16 oz water in between your juicing. But this method will cost you about:

Celery: $2.50 (x 2) = $5 x 2 days = $10
Parsley: $2
Cucumbers: Free from my dad :) (let's say $3)
Suja: $10 (good for two days of juices)
Suja Lemon Love: $4 if you buy the 16 oz OR basically free if you have everything else on hand x 2 days = $8

2 days of juice cleansing you pay: $33
That is AMAZING and it's organic! Oh and then you have the broth/kelp/a little bit of watermelon, so say maybe $36/2 = $18/day
Typical single juices cost $6-10 x 6 per day = $60

Pressed juicery is my favorite these days for full cleanses and they actually are really good prices but you pay about $30 in shipping.

So this is what you can do to give yourself an at home cleanse. And make it go as long as you like!

This can be a great addition to the 7 day fruit and veggie challenge. Are you in?


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