What I'm eating for lunch lately

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Lunches are probably my favorite meal of the day, because I usually have the most time ALONE to eat. I prefer to eat in peace and quiet, you might too, try it out, or at least get yourself into a calm state before you start eating and rushing and making it harder to digest your food.


These are a few of my GO-TO lunches lately, and they are nothing fancy, but they are so good, easy and fast. Lunch time doesn't mean you need a sandwich #noway. Eat some color people, and usually you'll do better by making this your biggest or bigger meal vs dinner because your digestion is slower towards night as it gears up for overnight and its natural detoxification time. So learning to fuel your body at the right times is so amazing for your health and body results.



Sauteed cauliflower rice with kelp flakes, sea salt and a single guacamole packet (LOVE these)



A bundle of romaine leaves, dipped in salsa mixed with guacamole & some fruit



Cold, leftover roasted carrots, broccoli (or anything I have leftover) with fresh greens and organic marinara sauce


Zucchini noodles, sauteed with garlic (or garlic powder), sea salt, avocado oil and topped with either avocado or marinara.


You can kind of see I'm binging on a few good groups lately and that's typically how it goes, your body will WANT certain things and there is ALWAYS a reason for this. Whether it's helping you shift an emotion or something funky in your gut. 

Having the Wholly Guacamole single serves, organic (and SUGAR FREE) marinara, and organic salsa are my TOP and favorite ways to always have food to eat. Remember you want to eat FIBER so you stay full. Chips and salsa isn't the same as your leftover roasted veggies and salsa. It just isn't.


Get the colors, get the veggies, get your real foods and it doesn't matter what your lunch looks like, it doesn't have to be fancy. I love eating lettuce and that's just how it is.


What's your current favorite lunch?? 

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