Can you have it ALL? With your health & dream body? NEW podcast inside!

I just recorded a new audio training (that I will get up on my podcast when it's all ready) but why wait to send it off to you! This is SUCH a good topic because it overlaps into all areas of life doesn't it?

Think about what it means for you to have MORE than enough in your:

  • Career

  • Relationships

  • Money

  • Food

  • Health

  • Body

Sometimes you can see a pattern that could be holding you back in an area you really want to breakthrough on when you look around at your life. This audio I just made came to me because I was texting with one of my friends today about having to choose. You definitely will want to listen, this came to me from a memory of shopping with my mom and sister at RICHMOND GORDMAN! Is that even how you spell it?

I completely and vividly remember shopping for clothes, and sliding down dinosaur slides with my sister because what kind of retail store doesn't have dinosaur playgrounds in them?

This ONE belief is now coming up for healing now and that memory tied it all together for me. So it completely relates to us with health and body shape and image too. Do you believe you can have it all when it comes to health?

To me this means:

  • Loving how I eat

  • Not feeling restricted

  • Not being "perfect" with food

  • Wanting to eat healthy

  • Feeling good all the time

  • Feeling better and better

  • Expecting to feel good and be healthy

  • AND looking the way I desire to look and see myself and fit in my clothes


so if you don't have that going on right now......

listen to this, let me know what you think and see what might be lurking in your mind that needs to be shifted so you can have it all with your healthiest, dream body.


PS: check out my client Michelle's results after working with me for less than 3 months - we covered the same things we are working on in Food REBEL which is open now!

"Working with Jodi was one of the best decisions I made for my health and ultimately my business. I knew I was tired of feeling sluggish, I'd been on thyroid medicine for years and suffered from IBS since high school. I was tired of taking medicine every single day, of feeling so uncomfortable from bloating and needed something to change in order to have the energy and mindset to grow a business and chase after a two-year-old. Within weeks of our first call, I notice major changes in the way my body felt, how I responded to food and ultimately my energy level. Jodi knows her stuff and my eyes were opened to what I was putting in my body. Jodi's knowledge goes beyond what we eat and really taps into our relationship and mindset around food and sustainability. If you've been thinking of working with her and are tired of feeling the way you've been feeling or dealing with the health issues that keep coming up for you I can't think of anyone better to support you. It's been over a year now and I can count on one hand the number of times I've felt bloated and no longer need thyroid medicine to balance my levels."

-Michelle Knight

PPS: Michelle ALSO lost over 10 pounds in this process!!