(but what you ate yesterday is because of this too)

I cannot stress to you the importance of looking at your beliefs and what is being reflected back to you in your lives you guys. I was doing this journaling just a few hours ago on myself and it was about MY body and I didn't expect this to come out but am so glad it did.

Short story:
I haven't felt my greatest and leanest with ease in about a year. And I got tired of it, why was I sabotaging myself? My form of sabotage doesn't come from corn chips or cookies it comes from white wine (even organic) lol but it does not work in my body because I have a pretty strong belief that wine is ethanol and that just doesn't make sense to be drinking. eek.

So there's a whole other story in just that ðŸ‘†above about how your specific beliefs about a food will create that effect in your physical body...I'll post about that later ðŸ‡ðŸ‡ðŸ‡

So I had wine with dinner last night. It always makes me feel gross, tired and not like myself which keeps me from doing what I want to do in my business and workout life and having all the energy to be a mom which is a lot of required energy. so I was pissed and decided to just write out all the thoughts in my head in all the major areas of my life and sort them out.

I went into this thinking why do I drink something that makes me feel like shit that I don't even like? And this came out..and I posted it in a group program I'm in about money: 
But the link is that inside I know and I believe this is VERY TRUE for women that when we don't feel like our best selves in our bodies and then confident and like we can take over the world or change it for the better at least lol, then we hold back so I was looking for the body belief but it was all linked to money and power and career and purpose.


I think I've just hit a core belief/issue that has been keeping me small.

When I was little my dad had this job he loved and was really good at it, he was talkative and lively and that isn't how he was later in life. He did such good work and led many people. But he was pushed out of his job by this woman and I remember hating her because he lost his job right before my littlest sister was born and just made his life awful. I think I was about 7.

After that he went into corporate and again he was really good at his job but he didn't like it, he worked really hard and long hours and lost that spark. Then the leadership changed and they hired this woman, and again all I heard at home was how she was making his life hard and making him work so late and add these projects onto him. He even told her about me and my pilates studio and she became a client and I remember hating her too (plus she would always cancel and not want to lose her sessions which was my policy because of the relationship with my dad).

And then she got him fired. My mom says it's because he was paid the most and even just yesterday I was talking to my mom and she commented about how she ran him out of the company....(UPDATE that's not even what happened but it's what I PERCEIVED happened) he was let go because he made a lot of money it was right during the economic downturn. And he was really good at his job. But this is my perception of what happened to him.

So I was just journaling now and kept asking myself why to get to the bottom of why I am keeping myself small. And what I got was that it's not fair, I don't deserve more when my parents never really got their dreams, my dad never went back to corporate after that and since then he's just been working but it doesn't seem like he loves it the same way. (again me and my perception) I realized that I already feel so blessed because my husband makes a lot of money, we have a beautiful home and baby and who am I to want more. It's guilt that I want more even though I have so much, and it feels like another woman in POWER while my dad got hurt from women like that.

I'm still piecing this together but I knew the POWER topic was a major element for me. Now I know how to journal and affirm that I can live my dream even if my dad never did or does find his, and I know he is happy for me and I love him so much and I'll be able to take care of my parents because I desire to have great success.

Thank you for listening! !💓💓💓

So what do you do when you 'hit' a core belief, you keep doing the work around it, to reprogram your mind, you can't let this stuff just sit in your subconscious or it will just keep you playing out the exact same patterns you have whether you like them or not.

You REwrite how it is for you now:

I choose to be a powerful successful woman
I choose to have a career of my dreams
I choose to be in my best body ALL the time
I choose to put healthy foods in me because I deserve them
I choose to be as big as I desire and do so much GOOD with my career. I get to create jobs, not take them away, I get to show people what's possible as a powerful woman, I get to be nice and wealthy and powerful and lean all at the same time.

You don't have to choose.
You get to rewrite any story.
Just do the work, go and look.